Is Oedipus Rex A High Minded Man?

Is Oedipus Rex A High Minded Man?Yet despite his challenge, he still represents some of the qualities Aristotle describes in the literary work,”A High Minded Male “. The qualities that Oedipus have consist of truth and honor, yet he does not have the magnificent, effective gait of a highhanded guy. Aristotle writes that a highhanded guy prefers knowing the fact, despite contrasting opinions.”he must care for truth more than for what men will think about him, and speak and act openly; he will not be reluctant to state all he believes” (Witt, 160). This quality shows that high prevent male is not persuaded by others and sticks by his own thoughts and opinions. Oedipus shows that represents this quality while he is arguing with Akron.

“Inform me, in God’s name: am coward, a fool That you should dream you should achieve this? A fool who could not see your slippery video game? A coward not to combat back when I saw it? You are the fool, Akron, are you not? Hoping Without supporting or friends to get a throne? Thrones may be won or bought: you might do neither”(Witt, 1 16 ). Martin 2 In this passage, Oedipus is questioning Akron and his plan to murder the King of Thebes. Oedipus is encouraged that Akron prepares to murder him, so he questions him. Oedipus shows he has this highhanded quality because he continues to speak his mind, and reveals no indications of stopping. By not stopping, it reveals he is prepared to speak his mind and let nobody encourage him into changing his opinions. The 2nd quality that Oedipus reveals signs of his honor. Aristotle explains this quality as “not to enter anywhere honor is to be won, nor to go where others take the lead but to hold aloof other than where excellent honor is to be acquired “(Witt, 160). You conserved us From the Sphinx, that flinty singer … A god’s touch, it appears, enabled you to help us.”(Witt, 110 ). This passage is about how the priest is informing the story of Oedipus, and how he overthrows the Sphinx. Oedipus helps the lives of lots of by getting the Sphinx, this act causes many to see him as a hero who leads and seeks out honor. This honor Oedipus gains is from a great act of bravery. Oedipus’ act of heroism was provided for honor. The honor he made is similar to how Aristotle described the highhanded guy. While Oedipus shows a number of qualities of a highhanded man, yet he does not have the effective, and mighty gait a leader need to have. Aristotle composes that”Further, the character off highhanded man seems to needs that his gait be sluggish”(Witt 161 What Aristotle is attempting to say is that a guy who has a slower, constant gait is and can be seen as a more effective or positive leader.”l pulled the skewer that pinned your feet together “(Witt, 122). In this area of the literature, Oedipus is being old by a messenger that he was found along a mountain side when he was just an infant. Oedipus ‘moms and dad were offered a prediction, about how he would Martin 3 ultimately eliminate his daddy and wed his mom, when Oedipus was just a couple of days old. His parents were then struck with fear and left Oedipus to die after piercing his

ankles with a spike, binding them together. The spike that bound his ankles together damaged and scarred his ankles, leaving long-term damage to his ankles, in turn impacting how he walks, while a leader like himself would have a sluggish and steady gait, his is unequal and irregular.

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