Is Frankenstein the Modern Day Prometheus?

Is Frankenstein the Modern Day Prometheus?Running head: IS FRANKENSTEIN THE MODERN DAY PROMETHEUS? Is Frankenstein the contemporary Prometheus? Irvin M. Beacham Jr. ENC 1101 Dr. Gaspar Is Frankenstein the modern day Prometheus? When Mary Shelly composed her 1818 traditional Frankenstein, she subtitled it “The Modern Prometheus. “She compared the character of Dr. Victor Frankenstein a highly smart researcher to the Greek Titan Prometheus the best of the Titans. There are numerous parallels between Dr. Frankenstein and Prometheus which could be the reason why Mary Shelly subtitled her unique”The Modern Prometheus”. Dr. Frankenstein and Prometheus both develop a male human being, they both looked for glory from their creations,

and they were both extremely smart beings. In view of these attributes Mary Shelly utilized to develop character Dr. Victor Frankenstein it is obvious to see why she would subtitle her unique “The modern Prometheus. “Dr. Frankenstein and Prometheus develop male Philo Farnsworth develops the contemporary television all of us view today. Alexander Bell develops the telephone and now by nearly everybody on earth. And who might forget Percy Spencer who developed the microwave that is in almost every home in America. These creations are all terrific however pale in

comparison to producing a”Guy “. After combating together with his fellow Titans in the war versus the Olympians, Prometheus is offered the task of developing people. Prometheus develops a man out of mud. Dr. Frankenstein collects body parts for creating his guy from mud. Dr. Frankenstein being a lot more obsessed with his diabolic plan to develop guy he overlooked to observe the reality that he was desecrating a severe lawn. Darkness had no impact upon my fancy; and a churchyard was to me merely the receptacle of bodies denied of life, which, from being the seat of appeal and strength, had become food for the worm. “(Chapter 4)Dr. Frankenstein presumes the job of producing a human being” When I discovered so amazing a power put within my hands, I thought twice a very long time concerning the way in which I must employ it … I started the creation of a human.”(Chapter 4)Both of the characters developed the male type of mankind and appear to overlook creating a woman at the time of their creations. Prometheus and Dr. Frankenstein look for glory from their productions In the quest for acknowledged authority and appreciation from their productions, both Dr. Frankenstein and Prometheus ‘ambition backfires in ways they never anticipated.

According to Greek Mythology Prometheus enjoyed man a lot that he came up with a strategy to deceive the god Zeus by revealing male how to provide less than beneficial sacrifices to the gods. He also provided male the secret of fire after it was drawn from them by Zeus. Prometheus believed that humans having this understanding would enhance mankind but it had the reverse effect. Male became deceptive not just to the gods however themselves and utilized the understanding of fire for destruction and war. Prometheus looked for splendor and honor from the male he had actually created by providing knowledge only the gods possessed.

Dr. Frankenstein in turn sought supreme affection from his creation when he said”Life and death appeared to me perfect bounds, which I should initially break through, and pour a gush of light into our dark world. A new species would bless me as its creator and source; numerous delighted and outstanding natures would owe their being to me.(Chapter 5) He likewise believed that he could improve on humanity with the knowledge he had”I thought, that if I could bestow animation upon lifeless matter, I may in procedure of time( although I now discovered it impossible )renew life where death had obviously dedicated the body to corruption.” (Chapter 5) Prometheus and Dr. Frankenstein believed that their developments would give them the glory and honor they both craved however the very best made strategies do not constantly come to pass. Dr. Frankenstein and Prometheus were highly smart Highly smart people constantly seem to stick out from the crowd Prometheus and Victor are no exception. Most boys at the age of 13 are more thinking about baseball and girls but the young Victor Frankenstein is more mesmerized by the works of the German Thinker and Theologian Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Paracelsus and Albertus Magnus.”When I was thirteen years of age, all of us went on a party of enjoyment to the baths near Thonon: the inclemency of the weather condition required us to stay a day confined to the inn. In this house I chanced to discover a volume of the works of Cornelius Agrippa. I opened it with passiveness; the theory which he attempts to show, and the fantastic truths which he relates, quickly altered this feeling into interest. A new light seemed to dawn upon my mind; and, bounding with joy, I communicated my discovery to my dad. When I returned house, my very first care was to acquire the whole works of this author

, and later on of Paracelsus and Albertus Magnus. I check out and studied the wild fancies of these authors with pleasure; they appeared to me treasures understood to few next to myself.( Chapter 2)Victor attends college at an early age and surpasses the understanding of his schoolmates and trainer.”When I had actually attained the age of seventeen, my moms and dads fixed that I should end up being a student at the University of Ingolstadt.”( Chapter 3)”As I used so closely, it may be easily developed that my development was rapid. My ardour was undoubtedly the awe of the trainees, and my proficiency that of the masters.”( Chapter 4)” I made some discoveries in the enhancement of some chemical instruments, which acquired me terrific esteem and adoration at the university. I was surprised, that among many men of genius who had actually directed their enquiries towards the very same science, that I alone need to be reserved to discover so amazing a secret. “( Chapter 5) Prometheus by all accounts was the wisest of all the gods. He had created male to stand upright like the gods. Taught man how to deceive the gods and Prometheus possessed knowledge that even the magnificent Zeus didn’t have. Both characters find that being highly intelligent has its cost. Dr. Victor Frankenstein is then modern Prometheus When Mary Shelley created the character of Victor Frankenstein she utilized an allusion to mythology to describe him. Prometheus and Dr. Frankenstein were both the developers of male, both were extremely smart compared to their counter parts, and both were penalized indirectly from their productions. Prometheus tortured by Zeus for giving male fire and showing guy how to outsmart the gods with inappropriate sacrifices. And Dr. Frankenstein forever tortured by the death of his bro, friend and partner. He now needs to embark on a never ever ending quest to chase the animal forever. And now my wanderings started, which are to cease however with life. I have actually passed through a large portion of the earth, and have actually sustained all the hardships which tourists, in deserts and barbarous countries, are wont to fulfill. How I have lived I barely understand; lot of times have I stretched my stopping working limbs upon the sandy plain, and wished death. But vengeance kept me alive; I attempted not pass away, and leave my foe in being. Amidst the wilds of Tartary and Russia, although he still averted me, I have actually ever followed in his track. Never will I give up my search, till he or I die.(Chapter 24)Mary Shelly’s contrast of Dr. Frankenstein to Prometheus is both precise and valid. After closely taking a look at the 2 characters it’s easy to see why Mary Shelly was ahead of her time subtitling her novel”The Modern Prometheus”which is why it’s a traditional book to this day. References Mary W. Shelley”Frankenstein or the modern-day Prometheus”(1818 )www. desy. de www. egs. edu www. gutenburg. org www. english-literature-space. blogspot. com www. sparknotes. com www. theeoi. com www. wikipedia. com

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