Interesting Passages Response from Things Fall Apart

“Plainly his personal god or chi was not made for excellent things. A male might not rise beyond the destiny of his chi. The stating of the seniors was not real- that if a man said yea his chi likewise verified.

Here was a male whose chi said nay regardless of his own affirmation.” (Achebe, 131) This passage produced a concern in my mind. Who’s perspective are we checking out from? It seems as thought we are reading what a narrator is stating, but the narrator is somebody from that tribe. In most books, if a character does not do the narrative, the narrator knows what is really going on or what is going to happen.

In this book, and displayed in this passage, the storyteller appears to have full think in everything he is stating. When it comes to what the passage itself states, I begin to consider what their beliefs are doing to them. Is this what they are born to think? Their chi seems to be pulling them back for than helping them move along. It and their other beliefs are always stopping them from something, which is more advantageous then they understand. For example, what is so bad about having twins? If anything, that ought to be a blessing due to the fact that the household has more kids, but with a shorter wait. “He sighed greatly, and as if in compassion the smoldering log also sighed. And right away Okonkwo’s eyes were opened and he saw the entire matter plainly. Living fire begets cold, impotent ash. He sighed once again, deeply.” (153) This was the last paragraph in Okonkwo’s thoughts on Nwoye and likewise were he sated that he was popularly called the “Roaring Flame”. He then began to compare himself to the fire. I truly liked this passage and what was composed before it for different reasons.

This action shows us that he and his individuals aren’t any different than other human beings. We have different beliefs and various life styles, however when it boils down to it there human much like us. All of us relate ourselves to things. One example utilized in English is making use of similes. Similes are just one way we relate ourselves to living and non-living things. Most likely the best factor to why I like this passage a lot is because I can really associate with it. I do not suggest I when compared or depicted myself as something I’m not like you ‘d perform in a simile.

I suggest that in one point in my life I actually compared myself to a burning fire. I still have that contrast. I might really comprehend where Okonkwo was originating from with this cold ash thing because I have actually done a contrast a lot like it. I even discussed a dead fire when I ended that comparison and this wasn’t some poem I composed for a grade, however an actual journal entry and not just something to get a grade. What I am trying to state is, I really liked this passage and I liked how metaphoric Okonkwo was when he stated it.

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