Inhumanity of Mankind in Othello

Inhumanity of Humanity in Othello

Inhumanity of Humanity The inhumanity of mankind is shown all throughout Othello. In every act and scene it is the main underlying style from the most basic of degrading remarks from Brabantio to the complex schemes thought up by Iago to ruin Othello, have his other half dead, and get money from Roderigo. This in my mind is what the play actually focuses on. Othello never ever rises in this play. From the very starting they show this man’s demise and the people who are doing it to him.

Othello’s death and damage is forshadowed from the extremely first act of the play when Roderigo is putting pressure on Iago to get him the lady he guaranteed and paid a lot cash to have. Iago already dispises Othello for promoting Cassio instead of him to lieutenant and then says he is outlining versus Othello to additional himself and to help his abundant nobleman good friend, Roderigo. This is the kind of undermining and digusting behavior you can anticipate from Iago throughout the play who is the finest example of inhumane people in the play.

Roderigo is also a perfect example in this circumstance because he knows that Iago is outlining against Othello in such a method that will end up with him dead. Another ideal example of inhumane behaior in “Othello” is Barbantio’s teasing. When Othello was selected to lead his men into war Barbantio might not help, but insist that Ohello some- how put his daughter in some sort of hypnotic trance or flat out controlled her into weding Othello. He made Othello look like a fool in front of the very people who felt he was a great guy. In the place here Othello felt most comfortable and powerful Barbantio made him look like he was 2 inches tall without the tiniest little bit of remorse for doing so. Another citation that could be utilized from the play to show inhumane habits is the overall dedication of Iago to mess up Othello’s life. He plots to make Othello believe that his other half is cheating on him with Roderigo which results in her death. This is only because he didn’t get the promo to lieutenant that he felt he should have. Iago single handedly damaged Othello’s life, tole Roderigo’s money, and caused the death of Othello’s life; all with a smile on his face. All throughout Othello we are advised of the inhumanity of humanity. Iago was the most prominent character with such habits, but you might make a case that every character was at some time was inhumane. Even from Othello who killed his other half because he merely thought she was being unethical without really learning the fact. If you ask my viewpoint the style of this paper is the extremely them of the book “Othello. “

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