In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the Monster Is the True Victim of the Book.

In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the Beast Is the Real Victim of the Book.Imagine skipping that

awkward childhood stage of life and going straight to being an adult; never ever having to fret about moms and dad’s guidelines or curfews. However if suddenly, one was pushed into the world of grownups with the mindset of a newborn kid, one would not know the distinction between right and incorrect and potentially even become a victim. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the monster is the true victim of the book. He is abused in numerous methods, he does nothing to necessitate the unfair treatment he receives and he is pushed into privacy. The monster can be seen as the real victim because

he is mistreated both verbally and physically. Firstly, when he tries to enter the De Lacey home to talk to the blind man and attempt to get him to hear his story without being judgmental, Felix gets back early and upon seeing him, he beats him to the ground with a stick. The monster informs us that,” … in a transportation of fury, he dashed me to the ground and struck me strongly with a stick.”Pg 136. The Monster gets beaten by Felix up until he can not take the discomfort any longer and leaves the cottage. He is being physically abused here and that makes him a victim. Moreover, when the monster wanders into a town, he is overwhelmed by how good it looks

and all the food that is around all the little huts. He is merely curious and he begins to take a look around when the villagers see him and extremely chase him far from the village. He just hardly steps one foot in the door of one of the most alluring huts when the kids scream and a lady passes out. The whole village is roused and the monster states,”… some fled, some assaulted me, up until, grievously bruised my stoned and many other type of rocket weapons, I left to the open country and fearfully took sanctuary in a low hovel …” Pg 103. The beast is beaten by a whole village of people since he is hideous and decides to just oddly look around

. He is made into the victim here because he is being physically mistreated. Finally, quickly after the beast is shot, he sees a young kid. He believes that due to the fact that the kid is young he will not be so prejudiced as other individuals have been. He chooses to grab the young boy and attempt to get him to comprehend his story, but instead the boy starts to verbally abuse the beast. The young boy states,”Beast! Awful lowlife! You want to consume me and tear me to pieces. You are an ogre. Pg 144. The young boy understands absolutely nothing of this creature and yet, he is insistent on shouting disrespectful things at this creature. Yet again, the beast is being abused, and by someone who is considerably smaller sized than himself. It is easy to see that since the beast is beaten by Felix, beaten by an entire village of people, and verbally abused by the little kid, that the monster is abused and can therefore be seen as the real victim. The beast is victimized due to the fact that he not does anything to require the unreasonable treatment he gets considering he really does nothing incorrect. Firstly, the beast is not at fault for how he looks. Victor himself even states that what he had been dealing with for two

whole years ended up as a catastrophe. When Victor brings his development to life, he states,”How can I explain my emotions at this disaster, or how mark the wretch whom with such infinite discomforts and care I had striven to form?”Pg 48. Victor works so hard therefore long on his production and he plans for it to be a beautiful creature and he messes up and rather ends up with something that terrifies everyone who sees it. The monster is maltreated since of how he looks which is not, in any method shape or form, his fault. Furthermore, when Victor brings his development to life, he realizes how

awful and deformed it is. When the animal is lastly brought to life, it grins at Victor in a friendly method, but Victor escapes from it in total scary. He says,” … I got away and rushed downstairs. “Pg 49. Victor assumes that the beast is trying to harm him and that is why he flees. All the monster does is smile at him like any kid would grin at a moms and dad. Seeing as he does nothing wrong, he is being taken advantage of. Last but not least, the monster gets shot although he does nothing incorrect; he is only attempting to help a little lady. A rustic man runs towards him and takes the lady away from him and then runs into the woods. While the beast suffers the pain of being shot, he says,”My sufferings were enhanced likewise by the overbearing sense of the injustice and thanklessness of their inflictions. “Pg 143. The beast himself seems like he is not being treated relatively. He was just trying to help someone and the rustic does not even give him an opportunity to describe himself, however instead, he escapes from the beast, taking the girl with him. It is obvious the monster not does anything to require the unfair treatment he receives. He just smiles at Victor like any young child would smile at their moms and dad, he not does anything to trigger his ugliness which triggered others to assume

wrong things about him and treat him unjustly, and he was only attempting to save a little lady when a rustic guy snatches the girl far from him and flees. This reveals that he does nothing to should have the unjust treatment he gets. The monster is made into the victim by being pushed into privacy. Firstly, the monster wants to get some food and shelter, when he sees a little hut. He notices that the door is open so he goes inside and sees a guy sitting by the fire, making his breakfast. The monster informs us that the old man,” … switched on hearing a noise, and viewing me, screamed loudly, and stopping the hut,

stumbled upon the fields with a speed of which his debilitated kind barely appeared capable.” Pg 102. The monster is required to remain in this little hut alone because he requires shelter, but everyone who sees him just screams and flees from him. The monster is being pushed into solitude and this reveals that he is being made into a victim. In fact, the Monster discusses to Victor that he has no one who cares for him; that even Victor, his own developer, declines him from the minute he is animated. He says to Victor,”Satan had his companions, his fellow devils, to appreciate and motivate him, however

I am singular and hated.”Pg 131. He it informing Victor that even Satan himself had companions, yet he has not one single person to care for him. He is plainly being pushed into privacy here. Finally, the beast is so desperate for a female mate that will not make him feel so lonely, that he guarantees to go to South America with her if Victor makes him one. As he is trying to factor with Victor to get him to make a female mate for him, he states, “If you consent, neither you nor any other human being will ever see us once again; I will go to the large wilds of South America.” Pg 149. The monster is so lonely that he will disappear if he can get a female mate. He is hoping for someone who will like him and offer him whatever he is omitted from. Yet once again, the beast is being pushed into solitude because he is being omitted from so many things and he just wants a female mate to share all those things with. Appropriate Topics Readers Also Choose Frankenstein’s Beast Adam It is simple to see that the male escaping from him in the hut, him speaking to Victor about having not one single person to take care of him, and him wanting a female mate to share whatever with,

shows how he is pushed into privacy, which, in turn, shows that he is the genuine victim. In Mary Shelley’s

Frankenstein, the monster is truly the real victim due to the fact that he is abused in lots of methods, he not does anything wrong to provide simply cause for what individuals do to him and he is forced into a life of privacy and total isolation. Next time somebody wishes they might skip that awkward youth stage where parents have way to numerous rules and the curfews are too early, just think about what would take place if one was put into the world without having actually gone through those awkward knowing phases of childhood. It would not end effectively because one would end up being

very lonesome and end up being a victim without the knowledge one would gain from that uncomfortable youth phase. Functions Cited: Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. United States of America: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC. 1988

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