How Does Steinbeck Present Curley’s Wife in of Mice and Men? Essay Sample

How Does Steinbeck Present Curley’s Other half in of Mice and Men? Essay Sample

John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men does non portray adult women truly severally. Curley’s married woman walks the spread as a seductress. Bored. lonely and ever trying to find her hubby. Curley. When we primary encounter her appearance. Steinbeck describes her as holding ‘full. rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes. to a terrific degree made up’ this is a leading illustration of her otiose character. She is coquettish and her organic structure linguistic interaction is intriguing. Before Curley’s married woman makes her very first appearance. her character is stressed by Sweet who gives us a bias description of her. “Purty. but … she got the eye”. This shows us that she is attractive however isn’t really loyal and will talk up with anyone. She wears exceedingly much make-up and is proud of her hair. “don’t tussle it up”– I believe she uses her aim to acquire going to. Curley’s wife besides seems to be obsessed with the coloring material ruddy– ‘rouged lips … ruddy mules … small corsages of ruddy ostrich plumes’. Red is the only coloring material used to depict her and is related to sex and threat. however besides links her to the miss in Weed with the ruddy frock– Steinbeck’s intimation that Lennie might ache Curley’s married woman. excessively. Her relationship with others isn’t actually favorable at all.

She approaches the labor force at the spread under the stalking-horse of trying to find her hubby. “Any you boys seen Curley? “. although it appears that she simply wants to talk up with them. These labor force call her “rattrap” and “prison bait”. though this ends up being true as Lennie is tempted by her. They besides call her a “God darn tramp”; the labor force are revolted by her using her gender to obtain attending. It’s mainly Candy who calls her these things. for illustration. “tart” this word recommends that she presents herself in a snazzy mode. No 1 appears to appreciate her. non even Curley– when he discovers his married woman dead. he decides to eliminate Lennie alternatively of staying with her. “I’m gon na eliminate that large boy of a bitch. I’ll shoot him in the backbones. Come on you guys.”– I got the feeling that he sounded about excited when he said this. He’s utilizing his dead wife as an alibi to viciously eliminate Lennie. He doesn’t really appreciate her. he’s merely mad that Lennie took something coming from him. She is described throughout the book as ‘Curley’s better half’ and every bit far as we understand. does not have a name. The deficiency of a name could indicate that she is non a adult female however instead a ownership of her spouse. Her uniqueness is simply being person else’s wed lady. Sweet’s Canis familiaris besides doesn’t have a name. this suggests that they both belong to individual else and emphasises the truth that their fates are controlled by other individuals.

Besides. because Steinbeck might hold idea that she wasn’t worthy of a name. At the clip it was composed. Steinbeck. as a author of societal issues. may hold desired the reader to recognize the function of adult women in deep space. as the deficiency of a name demotes Curley’s wife to undistinguished position. Throughout the excellent depression in the 1930’s. adult women were greatly oppressed and were non cured every bit to labor force. Curley’s spouse’s entrance. into Crooks’ room. is rather sudden. Steinbeck does non necessitate to provide her. as the reader can believe it’s her by her phrase. “Any you young boys seen Curley?” She looks down at the three labor force. “left all the weak 1s here” and diss them as “a nigga. a dum-dum and a disgusting ol’ sheep”. She calls them names as a sort of retaliation for all the atrocious things she gets called. In this chapter. Curley’s wife desires some power. Like Crooks badgering Lennie. she assaults Scoundrels because she has power over him. “I could hold you strung up on a tree so easy. it ain’t even amusing”. She’s connoting that she could mention he raped her and due to the fact that he is black. he would be found guilty. Her mindset towards the weaker characters besides shows her deficiency of compassion to other’s feelings. Criminals and Curley’s married woman portion something. which is solitude.

In chapter 5. Curley’s wife goes into the barn. as Steinbeck composes. ‘extremely silently’. This recommends that she’s terrified of getting captured by Curley. Nevertheless. she is described as have oning ‘an intense cotton frock and ruddy ostrich plumes’. which is contrasting the word ‘quiet’ because this suggests that she wants to be noticed. Her relationship with Lennie in this scene is instead friendly; she calls him “sonny kid”. she is seeking for discussion. at this minute we start to inquire if she’s seeking to obtain anything out of Lennie. or if she is speaking to him out of solitariness. When Curley’s better half’s dead organic structure is in the hay. she is referred to as the like she was when she was primary described in the book. ‘Rouged cheeks and reddened lips.’ this could be that Steinbeck is looking for to demo that all she lived for was to look fairly. Though. the description this clip has a truly different atmosphere to it; here she appears immature and fairly. like a kid that has actually placed on makeup to dress up. non person who is seeking to appear like a cocotte. This makes her look more spotless and vulnerable. she sounds a spot like a China doll which connects to Steinbeck portraying her voice as ‘fragile’. as China dolls can be brickle.

Among the significant topics of Curley’s married woman is loneliness. “I get godawful lonely”; she’s the lone adult woman on the spread and the work forces have actually branded her with derogatory footings. Curley’s married woman feels separated since of this. Because she is so alone she is ever looking for participating in and seting excellent attempt into her expressions. Curley’s wife besides does not suit the spread. “Cattle ranch with a clump of cats on it ain’t no topographic point for a miss out on. specially like her.” George might be connoting that she behaves much excessively luring and does non face the ‘criteria’ for a 1930’s homemaker life on a male controlled spread. She fights solitariness with her dreams. Curley’s wife desires acknowledgment. “If I capture any one adult male. and he’s entirely. I get along all right with him. However simply permit 2 of the felines together an’ you will not speak.’ This stresses to the reader how declined she feels because the work forces have their ain society on the spread and she is non a part of it. Steinbeck names the close-by town ‘Soledad’. which is Spanish for ‘solitude’. He does this to underscore the point that the characters are lonely.

Another primary subject Steinbeck’s offered her is dreams. Curley’s wife imagine being a glamourous Hollywood actress. “coulda remained in the movies” Curley’s wife’s naivete is in her mindset towards her dream. “I coulda made something of myself” she refuses to accept that her dream has no chance of going true by go oning to state “maybe I will yet” this suggests that she still hopes for a much better life. Her dream is really childly and reveals her as a miss out on rather than a adult woman. This dream makes her appearance immature which makes the reader sympathise for her. She talks rapidly about her dream to Lennie. ‘Her words toppled out in an enthusiasm of interaction’ this shows that she is really obsessed by this imagine hers. The word ‘tumbled’ suggests how identified she is to discuss her dream to Lennie. while the word ‘enthusiasm’ shows her seriousness to talk to another to bring around her insecurity and solitariness. Though. her decease meant that she will ne’er prosecute her dream of being a film star. Nevertheless. her decease assisted her accomplish her dream as it made Curley’s wife the Centre of attending.

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