Honor in A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Honor in A Tale of 2 Cities by Charles Dickens

In the novel, A Tale of 2 Cities by Charles Dickens, Dickens uses honor in a number of methods. But the most significant method, and many universal to the story, is stating that there is more honor in getting rid of bad than in being great the entire time. This thinking is particularly fit for the story because it is still pertinent 150 years later on.

Sydney Carton at the start of the book is a lazy, inebriated, slob. He has no interest in his life or anybody around him. He refers to himself as “a dissatisfied drudge.” (pg 102) Carton does not even have pity for himself. Carton states he is “like one who passed away young.” (pg 185) However as the unique advances so does Carton. After he expressed his love for Lucie he became a various male. Carton makes numerous changes. He stopped drinking, became buddies with Darnay and visited the Manette home sometimes. The most monumental thing that Container did to let everyone know he’s altered is going to the guillotine for Darnay. When Carton is up at the guillotine he states, “It is a far, far much better thing that I do, than I have actually ever done.” (pg 462)

Charles Darnay, the nephew of the harsh Marquis Evremonde, started the novel in a courtroom. Darnay spent as much time in a courtroom in this novel as Container invested in the club. Darnay was on trial for being a French spy however was acquitted after looking excessive like Sydney Container. The reason Darnay went to jail was due to the fact that of the Manette’s, ironically. Dr. Manette went to jail due to the fact that of what the Evremondes did and he wrote an account of what happened. In that account Dr. Manette had actually condemned everybody in the Evremonde household.

In A Tale of Two Cities there is more honor in getting rid of bad than in being good the whole time. This theory is good because we can still use it today. For instance Alcoholic Anonymous is a program that helps people “conquer bad”. It’s also a program that Sydney Carton would more than likely usage. There are likewise programs to assist prisoners get tasks. This would be a program that Charles Darnay would probably utilize.

There is more honor in overcoming bad than in being good the whole time would be the style of A Tale of 2 Cities. This thinking relates to the unique, in characters Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay, and likewise in life today.

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