George Orwell “1984” Essay

In George Orwell’s “1984”, Winston Smith and Julia live in Oceania, where their actions end up being a subversive force that the “Party” need to control. Oceania, situated in Europe, represents a totalitarian society in its purest form throughout the 1940s. Many elements of Wilson’s and Julia’s daily life in Oceania are kept track of and controlled by the “Celebration.” From the telescreen to the idea cops, every action is under consistent security. In order to rebel versus Huge Bro, Winston and Julia commit a series of crimes without understanding that O’Brian, a member of the Inner Celebration, is viewing them intently.

O’Brian then tricks Winston and Julia into thinking that he belongs to the advanced group called the Brotherhood. Winston and Julia’s betrayal ends up being inescapable after their capture since of the mental supremacy of O’Brian and the Party. Winston’s physical and psychological torture and brainwashing by O’Brian and the Ministry of Fact in the name of the Party is what eventually causes his psychological break down.

Winston’s defiant character depicts him as a radical, who has the strength to defy the party and its principles. Winston and Julia covertly satisfy and it emerges that she shares his rebellious methods. Knowing that she has taken part in sexual show many Inner Celebration members, Winston discovers hope. Winston and Julia, however, rebel versus the Party for various reasons. Winston wishes to end the severe oppression of the party while Julia’s rebellious acts are more self-centered. Winston initially shows his hatred of the Celebration and Big Brother when he writes in his diary “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER”. He understands at that very moment a camera may see the written words on the page. Winston continues to flirts with possible arrest by the “Idea Police” for an idea crime, which is any written or though of disobedience versus the Celebration.

Julia’s rebellious behavior is more to gratify herself, rather then the destruction of the celebration. Julia defies the celebration looking for individual pleasure. She is content with her life in Oceana since she does rule out a better life not under the injustice of the Celebration. Julia has an interest in today time with Winston, instead of in exposing the Inner Celebration tricks. Julia is more reasonable then Winston because she establishes secret gatherings in locations where she understands they will be safe. At Winston’s and Julia’s first personal meeting, Julia’s real colors start to shine. Very carefully, Winston asks, “Have you done this prior to?” and Julia responds, “Naturally. Numerous times-well, ratings of times, anyhow replied Julia.” Here Julia enlightens Winston about the corruption within the Celebration, which is music to his ears. Winston is pleased to hear that corruption exists within the Inner Celebration since the Celebration is supposed to have extremely rigorous guidelines and regulation that do not enable corruption within. Winston understands that any anarchy that exists within the Celebration is a sign that corruption can take over and result in the Party’s defeat.

Winston believes the Proles are the only group who can arrange and revolt versus the party. Winston considers the Proles, who are outside of the Outer Party and who live in the worst conditions as the primary laborers in Oceania, as “… people,” while he points out, “we are not human.” At this moment Winston has complete disregard for the Celebration despite the fact that any believed versus the Party’s methods means death. Winston reckons that hope for flexibility lay only in the hands of the Proles and in turn, the Proles are the only source of revolt for Winston.

Although Winston and Julia start assisting each other, they eventually dedicate criminal activities that lead to each other’s betrayal. Their subversive habits pertains to the attention of the Celebration and eventually leads to their capture. Winston and Julia set up secret times to satisfy in the forest and in the upstairs bedroom of Mr. Charrington’s shop. They do this even though they are well aware of the fact that the Celebration would vaporize people of Oceania who are thought about dangers and have their whole presence removed.

After the capture of Winston and Julia, O’Brian abuses Winston physically and emotionally to the point where there is no emotion left inside him, besides the love for Big Sibling. “But it was all right, whatever was all right, the battle was finished. He had actually won the success over himself. He enjoyed Big Sibling.” There is no will to eliminate left within Winston. The only things that he accepted value were Julia and the idea that a person day, the Brotherhood would flourish. O’Brian breaks him down and eliminates the one person he treasured. When he loses his sensations towards Julia, all of his
will is lost and the only love he has is for Big Bro. O’Brian does not wish to just abuse Winston, however to psychologically force him to forget his past ways and accept Huge Brother.

Although O’Brian has the ability to effectively persuade Winston and Julia into contradicting their prior beliefs, initially Julia still thinks that the Celebration “can make you state anything-anything- but they can’t make you think it. They can’t get in you.” Soon, nevertheless, she figures out that this is absolutely incorrect. Julia is oblivious as to how much power the Party holds. She believes that they could force you to state anything, but could never ever force you to feel or think a specific way. In truth, O’Brian does certainly have the psycholog

ical power to not only make one think something, but to wish it as well. “They can’t get in you,” she had actually stated. However they might get inside you. “What takes place to you here is forever,” O’Brian had said. Here Julia and Winston understand how incorrect they are. O’Brian utilizes the only thing on the planet that can make Winston betray Julia. O’Brian breaks Winston down with the abuse and at this point he realizes he no longer feels the same way for Julia because he has betrayed her. “At the time when it occurs,” she had stated, “you do suggest it.” He had actually suggested it. He had not simply stated it, he had wanted it. Winston was no longer psychologically capable to endure O’Brian’s force to change him.

By means of torture O’Brian physically and mentally forces the love of Big Brother upon Winston. O’Brian accomplishes this goal by the torture in space 101. The room plays a significant function when Winston is secured in the Ministry of Reality because a fellow prisoner tells him that he would do anything not to go back to space 101. The room instills a sense of worry into Winston. O’Brian skillfully sets Winston up so that the only way out of room 101 is to position somebody else in his shoes. O’Brian wants Wilson to betray Julia, and when confronted with his biggest worries he breaks down and says, “Do it to Julia! Do it to Julia! Not me! Julia! I do not care what you do to her. Tear her take on, strip her to the bones. Not me! Julia! Not me!” Winston is put against the one thing in the world that he enjoys. O’Brian believes that in time of worry one will do anything to get himself out of the circumstance. He wants Winston to quit Julia because he knows that she is the someone that might raise Winston’s spirits. When Winston betrays Julia, he can no longer confine in her and therefore ultimately forced to be alone. Winston has no option however to restrict in and look for the love of Huge Sibling.

The subversive force the Party needed to control was Julia’s sexuality and Winston’s pursuit for the truth. They had to include it prior to Winston’s beliefs infected the people of Oceana. The Idea authorities would observe the people and electronic cameras on the streets, so that no one would think about opposing the Party. “Thought criminal activities” and “face criminal activities” were ideas and facial jesters that revealed the Inner Celebration that disobedience was within. The thought cops would jail residents of Oceana for even the idea of deviance towards the Party. Winston and Julia believed they were more powerful then the Party and that they might outmaneuver it.

Their love for each other relied on a love for Huge Sibling after the psychological breakdown by O’Brian and the Celebration. O’Brian took them to the point where absolutely nothing was bearable, and the only option was to quit the person you love and put them in your shoes, so that you would not have to sustain it. At this point, there was no longer a will to remain together and deceive the Party. Once Wilson had been persuaded and betrayed Julia, he was no longer the very same individual. “Under the dispersing chestnut tree I sold you and you offered me” highlights just how betrayal ended up being the failure of Winston’s and Julia’s subversive force.

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