George Milton and Lennie Small – Of Mice And Men

George Milton and Lennie Small– Of Mice And Men

At the starting of the story, 2 males called George Milton and Lennie Small are trying to get to a ranch in Salinas Valley, California. George is the leader of the two males, due to the fact that of Lennie’s little size. George is filled confidence while Lennie is a simple man with a huge heart. On account of Lennie they got kicked out of town called Weed, up North. Leenie is a kind of guy that is not very bright and gets frightened and confused truly simple. Petting animals and getting things that are interesting to him. Lennie and George decided to go the pool hall one night. There was a lady there that got Lennie’s eye.

She was using an intense red gown. It interested Lennie and he grabbed her sleeve and would not let go. The girl had lots of worry since some complete stranger wouldn’t let go of her gown. He held it tighter and tighter and wouldn’t let go. After that night he discovered that the woman was pushing charges versus him. Every day the cops were on the watch out for Lennie. However George and Lennie left from the town by concealing in a ditch until nightfall. After the night of lying in a ditch Lennie and George started to hitchhike. They hitchhiked all the way to Salinas Valley, California. They got there the next day which was their destination.

This is the cattle ranch where they began working. They fulfilled an old male of the name Sweet. He had actually been working there for many years. A couple minutes later on an anther person walked in called Curly. He was the boss’s kid. He was very hostile to the brand-new individuals. George believed that he would do something to Lennie in the future. George informed Lennie never to speak to Curly’s wife cause he knew he would get in difficulty. That night Sweet’s pet had young puppies, which one was offered to Lennie. He went every night to family pet his brand-new pet dog. The next night one of the employees encouraged Candy about his pet dog and informing him that he ought to eliminate him so he didn’t need to suffer.

They killed the dog due to the fact that of its old age, which was the very best thing to do. After Lennie seeing the pet dog being eliminated he asked George about what their plans were again for the future of them. George repeated it and stated as soon as we get adequate cash we will buy a home with a couple of acres of land, and a few animals. We will be are own managers and do whatever we want to do. Considering that Candy eavesdroped and heard them he asked if he could go on it too. The only factor he said he could be in their dream was since he understood just how much cash he had conserved up.

Lennie smiling and dreaming about their strategies made Curly think that he was making fun of him. He selected a fight with Lennie. Lennie was getting batter until George said, “Get him” and Lennie broke most Curly’s bones in his right hand. Obviously Curly had an excuse for it and told everybody he harmed it due to the fact that of a maker. Curly’s partner walked in the barn to find Lennie cuddling his puppie. She stated she had soft hair and he began petting her. But he screwed up her hair so she began to scream. He put his hand of her mouth because he didn’t want George to know that he was with Curly’s wife.

She struggled and after that he understood that he had actually inadvertently broken her neck. After he believed that he had done a bad thing he escaped prior to George arrived. After all the men found her and Curly was extremely mad, so George decided to search for Lennie before he would. George tried to find Lennie at the place they stayed at prior to they got to the cattle ranch. Lennie asked George if he was mad and he said no. He told Lennie to look over at the river and to remember his dream. When his back was turned he pulled out a weapon and shot to the back of Lennie’s head.

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