Frankenstein Quotes Part 2

Frankenstein Quotes Part 2

“Do you believe, Victor,” said he, “that I do not suffer also? Nobody could love a child more than I liked your bro” (tears entered into his eyes as he spoke); “however is it not a duty to the survivors, that we should avoid enhancing their misery by an appearance of immoderate sorrow? It is likewise a task owed to yourself; for extreme grief prevents enhancement or enjoyment, or even the discharge of daily usefulness, without which no man is fit for society. “

Frankenstein Quotes, Page 78

ANALYSIS: As Victors bro was eliminated by the animal he developed, the remourse victor and his daddy have towards his death program weakness.

Men in society are conditioned to be raised as brave and protective. While Victors father is letting the death of his kid impact his well being and health, Victor is attempting to keep his weak point hidden from his daddy in order to keep the family held together.

“”I was lured to plunge into the quiet lake, that the waters may close over me and my disasters for ever. But I was limited, when I thought about the heroic and suffering Elizabeth, whom I tenderly loved, and whose presence was bound up in mine.

I thought also of my dad and making it through brother: should I by my base desertion leave them exposed and unprotected to the malice of the fiend whom I had let loose amongst them? “

Frankenstein Quotes, Page 78

ANALYSIS: While Victor lets his weakness get the very best of him, he begins to ponder just ending his suffering by killing himself, and delving into the lake. Knowing that Elizabeth and the rest of the household would not be abe to endure without his guidence and security, he decides not to and discover the strength to get rid of these advises.

Victor understands that by doing this, it will bring more pain and suffering to his enduring household.

“Elizabeth was sad and desponding; she no longer took pleasure in her regular occupations; all satisfaction appeared to her sacrilege towards the dead; everlasting trouble and tears she then believed was the just homage she must pay to innocence so blasted and damaged. She was no longer that pleased animal, who in earlier youth roamed with me on the banks of the lake, and talked with ecstasy of our future prospects.

The first of those griefs which are sent to wean us from the earth, had visited her, and its dimming impact satiated her dearest smiles. “

Frankenstein Quotes, Page 79

ANALYSIS: Women, in this case Elizabeth are weak and unable to get rid of difficult times. She feels as if willilams death is her fault and is unable to live past her sorrow and regret. Victor is the only thing that can safeguard her and keep her proceeding one day at a time. As a kid they were buddies and he understands that her only hope is his bravery and defense over the family.

“One day, when I was oppressed by cold, I found a fire which had actually been left by some roaming beggars, and was conquered with pleasure at the warmth I experienced from it. In my pleasure I thrust my hand into the live cinders, however rapidly drew it out again with a cry of discomfort”

Frankenstein Quotes, Page 92

ANALYSIS: When the animal is off by itself, it recognizes that it can not attend to its ownself. This reveals that it can not be thought about a realy guy because it cant look after itself in desperate times. When it stumbles upon this fire, it is flushed with releif because without it, it would need to suffer in cold and a method to provide its needs.

Real males in stereotyped society are sought to be able to offer oneself and others when in requirement. The creature cant.

“Felix appeared ravished with delight when he saw her, every trait of grief disappeared from his face, and it instantly expressed a degree of happy joy, of which I could hardly have actually believed it capable; his eyes sparkled as his cheek flushed with satisfaction; and at that minute I believed him as stunning as the stranger. “

Frankenstein Quotes, Page 105

ANALYSIS: Felix in this case is handling a female reaction to something it is attracted to.

Guy, mentally, are supposed to remain difficult and unweakened by sensative scenarios. While he ends up being mindful of this female, he is emmidiately drawn to her physical appearance. She does not actually notice much of him, and he gives in to her appeal and appears and weak and un manly.

“No father had actually watched my infant days, no mom had blessed me with smiles and caresses; or if they had, all my past life was now a blot, a blind vacancy in which I differentiated nothing. From my earliest remembrance I had actually been as I then remained in height and proportion.

I had actually never yet seen a being resembling me, or who declared any sexual intercourse with me. What was I? The concern again repeated, to be responded to only with groans. “

Frankenstein Quotes, Page 109

ANALYSIS: While raising a child, the male of the kid is needed to serve as the dad figure to teach his child to make it through and be there for it until it has the ability to survive on its own. The female, mother, is to nurture and show love towards her kid in order for it to mature living a happy childhood. Without the two good example, a kid will mature not knowing how to live a regular and pleased life.

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