Frankenstein Fate vs Free Will

Frankenstein Fate vs Free Choice

!.?.!? Frankenstein Oh how has Hollywood changed the story and lost the meanings of Frankenstein, for the themes have been missed out on by many people that have actually just seen the motion pictures and not have read the book. One such style Mary Shelly gives the reader is the power of Fate versus Free Choice. Victor is found by Robert Walton in the artic while Victor is attempting to record a monster that he has produced. Victor flashes back to his past and informs Robert how he created the beast and how the monster exterminated his family. He alerts Robert about many things by telling him how he responded and why he reacted that method.

Throughout the whole book, the primary character Victor Frankenstein, says that it was his fate to create the beast and to let it rampage around the nation. Every character resigns to the power of fate stating that it was up to the power of the paradises anticipate for the monster. The beast states that Fate does not exist but he can produce his own future. Shelly utilizes the Victor, Justine, and the beast in Frankenstein to reveal the reader about Fate versus Free Will. In the very beginning of the book, Victor believes that it was his fate to become what he was.

“I thank you,” he responded,” for your sympathy, but it is ineffective; my fate is nearly fulfilled. I wait but for one occasion, and after that I shall repose in peace.” (letter 4. 13)

Mary Shelly, Frankenstein Fate

In this quote, Robert Walton is the viewpoint the reader is seeing from and he has just recently gotten Victor from the artic. Victor was sickened by his chase for the beast and he wishes to give his life story to Robert. In this quote, Victor says that whatever he does, this one even will happen, he has no control if it the occasion. He believes that his fate can not be changed and he has to go with it until the very end.

This submissiveness to Fate appears to suggest that he thinks that it was not his fault for creating the monster and it killed off his family. The paradises manage all and I have no chance to stop anything they wish to do is what Victor is saying. Another character that thinks like Victor was Justine. Justine has just been implicated of the murder of William and has confessed to saying so.

“Justine shook her head mournfully. “I do not fear to pass away,” she said; “that pang is previous. God raises my weak point and provides me guts to sustain the worst.

I leave an unfortunate and bitter world; and if you remember me and consider me as one unjustly condemned, I am resigned to the fate awaiting me. Gain from me; dear lade, to send in persistence to the will of heaven! “

Mary Shelly, Frankenstein Fate, Chapter 8. 59

Justine talks about she is resigning to fate and submitting to the will of paradise, suggesting that she believes that she can refrain from doing anything to alter that. She will pass away even if the heaven wills it; life is worth more than just a whim. The will of paradise is not a thing that people can pick up or determine, however simply something individuals comprise simply to compensate for their sensation of hopelessness.

The monster compares to the human beings has a various view of Fate. He shares his view when he initially satisfies his developer after his very first victim.

“Yet my own shall not be the submission of abject slavery. I will revenge my injuries; if I can not influence love, I will cause fear, and chiefly towards you my arch-enemy, since my developer, do I swear inextinguishable hatred. Have a care; I will operate at your destruction, nor finish till I desolate your hear, so that you shall curse the hour of y our birth. “

Mary Shelly, Frankenstein Fate, Chapter 17. 09

The beast states that his is not a slave to anything however to himself; he haves the power of free will. He does not care that fate does exist and “will” do what he wants to do to get his revenge. The power of fate has no hold of him and he does not blame the heavens for the issues he has received. Fate verses free will played a huge part in Frankenstein, such a big role that every character was included. The majority of the characters such as Victor and Justine believed that the heavens had control of what they did and they might not have done anything to stop it.

The monster, unlike Victor and Justine, believed in the power of free choice and a person might do anything without the interference of the heavens. Both Victor and Justine blamed the paradises for their bad luck rather of blaming themselves. The monster blamed himself to be an awful beast and that led to blaming his creator for making him that method. He used his own actions to produce his own future by ruining the future of his creator. The power of Fate is something that can or can not exist however free will is something that everyone has and can utilize the power of it to alter the future.

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