Frankenstein Close Reading

Frankenstein Close Reading

!.?.!? Frankenstein Close Reading This passage, the paragraph located at the bottom of page 138, and bleeds over onto page 139, comes from the part of the novel in which Victor Frankenstein is practically home from his ordeals in Ireland. While in Ireland, Victor assured to make a female companion for his Animal, but then tosses his work into the sea, as he realizes that he does not in fact want to develop this 2nd being since of the mayhem it might cause. Infuriated by this, the beast killed Victor’s good friend, Henry Clerval.

After becoming sick by this news, Victor’s daddy comes to obtain him and bring him back home to Geneva. While on his journey home, he receives the letter from Elizabeth Lavenza, Victor’s embraced “cousin”. This passage is a paragraph taken from this letter from Elizabeth to Victor. The primary significance of this passage is that it reveals the theme of love. Elizabeth enjoys Victor with her whole being, rather simply put. This is a common style in this novel, love. Victor shows love to many of the people in his life, including his parents, his siblings, Justine Moritz, Henry, and, obviously, Elizabeth.

However, individuals that he enjoy tend to die. His mother dies early in the novel, his sibling William is killed by the Creature, Justine is carried out for Williams murder, and Henry is killed by the monster. All of these deaths of the people Victor enjoys, and who like him, might foreshadow Elizabeth’s death, which does come by the hands of the beast in the next chapter. Elizabeth is the storyteller of this passage, as she is the one who has composed the letter to Victor. It might be stated that Elizabeth is composing in a melancholy tone.

This can be shown with the truth that she is writing from her heart, and uses somewhat dismaying expressions. She says, “it is your joy I want in addition to my own … even now I weep … I, who have so disinterested an affection for you, might increase your torments significantly by being a challenge to your desires” (Shelley 138). She just wants the best for Victor, and weeps over the reality that he may not enjoy in a marital relationship with her, and that she might in reality hamper his joy. This reveals that a melancholy tone is present, due to the fact that she is sad while composing, and communicates that into her letter.

In addition, this advances defines Elizabeth as a lady who is madly in love. This passage can likewise assist offer readers insight as to how Victor’s antics– by leaving Geneva for long periods of time, and not having much contact with house– has on the psyche of Elizabeth. Simply put, this passage is Elizabeth spilling her heart to Victor. She really does enjoy him, however she has doubts of his love for her. If he would not enjoy in a marriage with her, she would feel horrible. All she actually wants from Victor is verification of his love.

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