Frankenstein Chapters 1&2

Frankenstein Chapters 1&& 2

Frankenstein Chapter 1 and 2 Shelly provides the reader with a background of Frankenstein’s birth, youth, parents, and how Elizabeth was adopted into the household. 2. Frankenstein’s parents are caring and joyful with the birth of their child. They wish to provide the very best for all the kids they have actually (blood related and orphan). 3. Elizabeth is an enthusiastic woman who does not know how to follow through with her desires while Victor wants learn, specifically philosophy, and can act on his own.

Victor is the type of individual who does not let something sit, he needs to dig into it and examine its cause. 4. The quality in Victor that shows to be his deadly flaw is his never ever ending pursuit to get more information which triggers him to go to strayed courses to make understanding. 5. Henry Clerval was the youth “kid good friend” (not like relationship) of Victor. Henry is various from Victor due to the fact that he is an adventurous and a romantic who strives for the ethical of all things. 6. Victor wants to discover the elixir of life, discover to synthetically develop life, and eliminate all illness form humanity.

Victor relies on mathematics because his Roman idols are incorrect in the field of the elixir and math is the closes thing of which he comprehends. He is prevented from his study due to the fact that he thinks destiny has other prepare for him and turns back to the dark notion that creating life is possible. 7. Elizabeth is a common Romantic female character because of her physical quality of blonde hair and fairness and she is weak, virtuous, kind, and caring. 8. Cornelius Agrippa and other researcher motivated Victor because they worked in alchemy and fields of science of which he understood.

They influenced him to ask questions about the abnormal would and about doing the difficult. 9. Victor views his switch to mathematics as a last effort to keep him far from damage. He compares it to a guardian angel’s last effort trying to get him off the course of mess up. 10. The foreshadowing that is at the end of Chapter 2 is that Victor suggests that his switch from viewpoint to mathematics would be a momentary modification. The modification back to his study of natural philosophy causes his ultimate damage.

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