Frankenstein and Dracula comparison

Frankenstein and Dracula comparison

!.?.!?”‘ Frankenstein’ is primarily an unique about the supernatural” Explore this idea in Shelley’s unique and think about how Dracula illuminates your understanding of the core text. The concept of the supernatural is a concept that has actually been around for centuries and is a concept that both Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker select when they wrote their novels ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Dracula’. The idea of the supernatural in its literal meaning is the reverse of anything natural; it is the presence beyond the visible and observable universe especially when describing Gods, Spirits, Devils or Demons.

Shelley records the supernatural in Frankenstein in her presentation of nature and for the creation and the life of Frankenstein’s monster. Stoker has also utilized the supernatural style to capture the nature and weather in Dracula in addition to presenting the theme in his creature Dracula who basically is a beast. Through the development of both of Frankenstein’s animals Mary Shelley makes several recommendations to the supernatural which the animals are supernatural’s due to their creation.

Shelley initially starts to check out the supernatural in the development of Frankenstein’s monster as Victor Frankenstein is ‘infusing life into an inanimate body’. Frankenstein’s animal ends up being not the working of nature or science however rather the product of the supernatural. By producing the beast from a number of various people’s body parts the monster becomes a supernatural creature and is the reverse of the normal human.

Victor Frankenstein ‘had picked his features’ so this wasn’t just a dead body that was being instilled with life, this was a production of a number of different bodies sewn together for the particular purpose of creating a stunning life. However this wasn’t a beautiful life and Victor Frankenstein soon understands that this wasn’t a human he had actually created but a ‘being’. Throughout the development of the second animal Shelley describes the creature as a ‘devil’ which if the two animals rather of living together isolated decided to have kids then they would develop ‘a race of devils. on the earth.’ Shelley also created a direct recommendation to the supernaturals by referring to the animal as a devil which is understood to be supernatural. Being supernatural can typically refer to having powers that seen to violate or surpass natural forces or being god-like. Throughout Frankenstein Shelley produces the idea that Victor Frankenstein thinks himself to be god like because he believes he can produce his own people. In Genesis God develops a male and a woman and Shelley has actually ecreated this in Frankenstein as Victor Develops both a male and female creation although the female development never ends up being alive due to victors realisation he is not God and can not manage his animals and does not desire them producing a ‘race of devils’ that ultimately he would be the creator of. The appearance of the supernaturals ends up being a popular theme throughout both Dracula and Frankenstein. Throughout Frankenstein Shelley calls the monster by a variety of different names consisting of ‘animal’, ‘fiend’, ‘spectre’, ‘the satanic force’, ‘wretch’, ‘devil’, ‘thing’, ‘being’ and ‘ogre’.

By choosing to call the monster these names the beast is offered a ghastly appearance and the reader thinks that the creature is irregular and likewise that the monster is not human nor is it a thing of nature so therefore it need to belong to the supernatural. More particularly by referring to the monster ‘the devil’ and a ‘devil’ Shelley has actually made direct links to the way the beast is supernatural. Shelley later constructs on these concepts as the beast explains himself as ‘not even the exact same nature as man. The beast was more than man he ‘was more agile’ and might ‘bore the extremes of heat and cold with less injury’ Shelley had actually offered Frankenstein’s monster the superhuman presents of strength and a body more able than man showing that he was of the supernatural and had powers higher than man. Frankenstein’s monster isn’t the only individual to have a supernatural appearance, given that creating a monstrosity Victor appears to just have the ability to see himself in the monster however can just see himself in the supernatural demonic method, ‘in the light of my own vampire, my spirit let loose from the grave’.

There are resemblances in between both the supernatural creatures as not only is Frankenstein’s monster a devil however Dracula is also referred to as a ‘devil’ due to his powers to interact with the dead. Nevertheless there is proof that not just was the beast a supernatural animal but Shelley suggested for the beast to be the perfect human if you might neglect his look then the animal was the perfect human, with caring qualities and strength beyond any others however he was corrupted by society.

Frankenstein’s monster is a perfect example of Jean Jacques Rousseau’s idea of the ‘worthy savage’. The ‘noble savage’ is a literary character that is an idealised outsider who has actually not been damaged by civilization and symbolizes liberal arts goodness. Frankenstein’s beast is tranquil at first without any reason to cause hatred he simply desires love however his ugliness triggers hatred and infuriates him. He discovers through eavesdropping on discussions and through the reactions of those around him to him especially Victor as he is the developer yet can not stand to take a look at his production.

The beast recognizes his ugliness when he takes a look at his reflection in the water. Once the animal has been corrupted he is no longer a worthy savage as he has actually lost the pure goodness he has when he was very first developed. Dracula was also understood to be a supernatural animal as he was vampire, but he was likewise understood to have supernatural powers although his were more apparent than Frankenstein’s monster that had his strength.

Dracula not just was as ‘strong in person as twenty men’ however might ‘change himself to wolf’, he had the ability to ‘direct the aspects’ in addition to commanding ‘the meaner things’ and ‘at times disappear and come unknown’. The Dracula character could defy all of nature by managing the weather and animals and his capabilities to change and disappear make him an obvious supernatural, compared to Frankenstein’s monster who ended up being supernatural due to the fact that he was developed and has amazing strength yet he does not have any particular supernatural abilities like Dracula.

The Dracula novel is primarily about Dracula and his capabilities and the method he causes difficulty with those abilities, and it makes Shelley’s novel seem to provide less supernatural or at least programs that her supernatural influence is more hidden than what Stoker carried out in Dracula by making the supernatural occurrences so simple to see and understand in Dracula. A normal style of gothic literature is to utilize the weather condition and in both Dracula and Frankenstein the weather plays an important part in signifying the unknown supernatural occasions.

The way in which Dracula can control the weather in specific ‘the storm, the fog, the thunder’ assists to illuminate the supernatural incidents of the weather in Frankenstein. The 3 vital thunderstorms in Frankenstein all connect to a significant event that is about to take place. They coincide with the look of the beast; this might indicate that the storms are not of natural event however of Victor going insane. Shelley utilizes the storms to build the stress and show that an occasion is about to take place.

The first storm brings the creation of Victors dream to produce something of remarkable beauty; the 2nd storm brings the creation of the monster; and the 3rd storm brings the look of the beast on the hills after the death of William. Victor blames the monster for the murder of his brother. Shelley refers to the damage of the lake into ‘vast sheets of fire’ like the lake is the pits of hell now on fire this could be due to the appearance of the supernatural creature or due to the lake being a hell, and being its own supernatural creation.

There is another reference to ‘heaven’, which is another supernatural production as the storm appears in ‘parts of the heavens’, an explanation of this is that God is sending out the storm to punish Victor for making his ‘devil’ which is now eliminating and ending up being more devastating and more of a beast, given that Victor believes the monster eliminated William. In conclusion Frankenstein is mainly a novel about the supernatural and it does appear a main style running throughout due to the development of Frankenstein’s beast and the way in which the monster’s appearance and abilities appear to be supernatural.

Dracula assisted me to brighten my understanding on the supernatural’s and the way that the supernatural style was utilized in Frankenstein due to the fact that it gives a various perspective on supernatural abilities and the way that they can be presented. However Frankenstein does not appear to have as much of a supernatural basis as Dracula as Dracula explores the supernatural in a more actual method compared to the hidden and less direct supernatural theme in Frankenstein. WORD COUNT: 1497

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