Foreshadowing in Of Mice and Men

Foreshadowing in Of Mice and Men

!.?.!? foreshadowing in Of Mice and Male John Steinbeck use of foreshadowing in Of Mice and Men is what causes the book to have character. Unlike many usages of foreshadowing which take place in dreams and thoughts, John Steinbeck uses real events. That helps contribute to the fact that the book is a lot like a play due to the fact that the reader can’t see the characters ideas. The other unique method he utilizes foreshadowing is in some examples the reader can inform it is foreshadowing but other examples are a lot more subtle. Foreshadowing in Of Mice and Men is utilized to show what happens to Lennie and what Lennie will do.

To tie foreshadowing into another style in both the foreshadowing and the occasion the group has power because they overrule a single person. The first example of foreshadowing informs us what Lennie will do. There are a couple of occasions that foreshadow the first example. The first being Lennie “broke it pettin’ it (11 )” it being the mouse. The 2nd being what Lennie performed in Weed to the girl with the red dress. The last example being the puppy “an’ he made like he’s gon na bite me … an’ I made like was gon na smack him … an’… an’ I done it (85 )”.

All of these occasions foreshadow Lennie killing Curley’s other half. John Steinbeck picked to drop these hints due to the fact that it makes the reader concern whether Lennie deserves it to George. Right from the beginning Lennie is getting George in trouble due to the fact that he can’t control himself. These are only a few examples of Lennie being a problem maker but it shows the reader what George has put up with prior to the book began. The last connection in between the events is that they are mishaps, which is an immediate signifier to the reader that Lennie will have a huge accident at the end of the book.

The main foreshadowed occasion is Lennie’s death. What foreshadowed it was the death of candy’s canine. Carlson and the other farm hands are tired of the dogs stink. After a little talk he chooses to let them shoot the canine right in the back of its head. This is nearly identical to the end of the book. The group wants to eliminate Lennie for eliminating Curley’s other half. George required by the group shoots Lennie “Right in the back of the head (104 )”. This event was foreshadowed due to the fact that it reveals a lot about how much power a group has compared to a bachelor. In both occasions

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