First impressions of Iago and Othello.

First impressions of Iago and Othello.In the play

Othello, our first impression recommends that Iago and Othello are represented as having somewhat opposite qualities. Iago is first revealed to be incorrect and pompous. Even though he states “I will wear my heart upon my sleeve”, providing the impression that he reveals all his feelings willingly, he is then revealed to be quite secretive and deceitful, plotting versus Othello, Casio and Rodriguo, emphasising his enthusiastic nature.

Additionally we think that he is spiteful and racist, developing his hatred and jealousy towards Othello, “I dislike the Moor”. We also think that Iago is manipulative. Firstly, he guarantees Rodriguo Desdemona in return for his aid, enticing him into his grasp using one of Rodriguo’s desires, “It can not be long that Desdemona must continue her love to the Moor– put money in thy handbag”. This efficiently turns Rodriguo into a tool for Iago’s deeds.

Following that, he utilizes his trust to manipulate Othello into becoming suspicious of Desdemona, and weakening his faith in his other half. Another one of Iago’s main features that we exist with is that he is quite sneaky and cunning. He states himself: “I am not what I am”, and in his soliloquies he considers his shrewd plans, “… to plume up my will in double knavery. How? How? Let’s see”. In spite of this, Othello still describes him as “Sincere Iago”.

Othello, on the other hand, is revealed to be a lot more simple man, who is significant and far more admired. We think that he tries to find a reasonable, well balanced description for things. However his simple nature functions as a driver to produce a number of his weak points. His lack of confidence in social scenarios causes him to end up being over-trusting and naive, leading to his poor judgment. He does not presume Iago at all, and overlooks the possibility that Iago may not be acting in Othello’s interest, describing him as “A male … of honesty and trust”.

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