Family and Money in A Raisin in the Sun

Family and Cash in A Raisin in the Sun

Would you choose money over your family If you won a terrific sum of cash, but it would just make things worse for your family, would you still desire it Lorraine Hansberry challenges the concept of household versus money in her play “A Raisin in the Sun.” Walter, a primary character, continuously strives for great sums of money but for the cost of distress for his household. In “A Raisin in the Sun,” Lorraine Hansberry shows the reader that family always thrives over money. In the beginning of “A Raisin in the Sun Mama is about to get a $10,000 check due to her other half dying.

Walter views the money as his own, even though Mother attempts to use it as beneficial money for the entire family. Mom would like to buy a new house for the household, put Beneatha through medical school, and she even used to give Walter the leftover. But Walter wants to invest all of the cash into a liquor store. He constantly frets and questions Mom about the money. On page 73, Walter states, “Do you know what this money suggests to me Do you understand what this cash might provide for us Mom– Mom, I desire a lot of things.

This discussion shows that Walter is battling with what he should value in life and focusing on material things. He wants brand-new cars and a fancy house to impress everyone that he has money. Another quote in “A Raisin in the Sun is walter stating “It is life Mother” (page 74). When walter state this he is describing cash. This clearly reveal the reader that in the start of the book walter worths cash more than family. In the beginning of the book, Walter does not comprehend that money is absolutely nothing– simply a materialistic product.

Family is something that you should treasure and constantly keep before it’s gone. In the middle of the book, Walter begins to change a little but he still highly thinks that money will fix all of his problems, so he puts it prior to his household. Rather of talking with his family about the money, he speaks with Willy Harris and is encouraged that Willy Harris is trying to help him, however truly he is attempting to fraud him. Walter thinks he is “talking with individuals who understand me. Individuals who appreciate things on my mind (page 87).

Walter also states “Where were you Mother, Mother you didn’t go and do something with that insurance money, something crazy” (page 90). This shows us that Walter gets very paranoid when he can’t find the insurance coverage cash and starts questioning his mom and only can think about cash. Walter invests the cash on buying an alcohol shop, despite the fact that he wasn’t expected to do that. We discovered that Walter covertly took Beneatha’s school money and invested it in the alcohol store which turns out to be a fraud. This is an ideal example of Walter selecting money over his household. Mother is furious.

This reveals us that Walter does not have any respect for his family yet. He takes their cash for his personal advantage. By the end of the play, Walter understands that household should always be more vital than money. When provided a large sum of money by Mr. Linder, he instantly rejects it and states, “and we have chosen to move into our house because my father-my father-he made it for us, brick by brick. We do not want to make no difficulty for no one or combat no causes and we will attempt to be excellent next-door neighbors. That’s all we go to state about that. We don’t want your money (p. 148).

This demonstrates that Walter has grown and changed as a member of the family and now puts his household before everything. After this scene the entire household is extremely proud to be a Younger and very happy with walter. He doesn’t actually appreciate cash anymore, he cares about his family. In general, it is clear to the readers that Lorraine Hansberry effectively showed that family constantly triumphs over money. Through Walter’s journey, we see that he recognizes that family is much more helpful than money. Household supported Walter even when he stole cash from them. He found out that household can assist you where money can’t.

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