Extract from Lord of the Flies

Extract from Lord of the Flies

We require rules to keep us safe. Likewise, guidelines will make it reasonable and equal for everyone and help us to make it through and be rescued. It is actually crucial for us to follow these rules. We require rules on this island to keep us safe until we are saved. We almost set the whole island on fire and now the kid with the birthmark is missing! To stop this occurring once again we will have only one fire only, up on the mountain, for cooking and as a signal. That way no-one will be hurt. Likewise, don’t wander into the jungle in the evening.

You might get lost and then all of us have to come trying to find you. Another problem is kids going to the toilet any place they desire. It stinks and it is unclean, particularly when you go near the fruit. We might all get sick from it! From now on go near the rocks and the water will clean it away. These are just a few reasons that we should have guidelines! Guidelines will ensure that every kid is treated fairly and similarly. The conch ought to be utilized at all conferences where only the boy with the conch can talk. By doing this there will be no disturbances and everyone will get a reasonable say.

Additionally, Piggy has been struck and his glasses broken. The idea of the more powerful kids benefiting from the weaker ones is not acceptable. This behaviour is barbaric! Can’t you see? If we continue this there will be battles and arguments and we will fall apart. Without doubt this proves that guidelines are needed. We need guidelines or we will not make it through and get saved. All of us require food and shelter to endure. Without food we will starve and without shelter there is no security from the components.

We need to work together so shelter is built and food is caught. In addition, if we do not follow guidelines such as keep the fire going we won’t get rescued. We already missed one chance of rescue when Jack left the fire, we will not miss another! Clearly this shows, it isn’t hard, guidelines must be followed. You people have to realise that these rules figure out life and death. Rules keep us safe, they make sure everyone is treated fairly, and assist us make it through and be saved. It’s up to you to follow these extremely crucial guidelines which should be abided to.

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