Discrimination in Of Mice And Men

Discrimination in Of Mice And Male

Discrimination is not just based upon skin color, however also on age and gender. A book that shows this is John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, a story about two pals, that have a dream to survive on there own farm, Lennie Small and George Milton, who go to a farm where they see discrimination very first hand. The victims of discrimination in this book are: Crooks, a black steady dollar; Curly’s Partner, the farm owner’s neglected daughter-in-law; and Sweet, an old, disabled house cleaner.

The most apparent kind of discrimination is skin color. Criminals is discriminated because of his skin color. “They play cards therein, however I can’t play because I’m black. They state I stink.”(pg 34) This quote illustrates how the boys on the farm will not enable Crooks to play cards due to the fact that he’s black.

They victimize him by having him live in a little shack across from the “bunkhouse.” No one ever truly enters into his shack “… You go on get outa my room. I ain’t wanted in the bunkhouse …”(pg 33). This quote shows how he isn’t enabled to live in the bunkhouse. These occurrences plainly show that Crooks has actually been victimized.

Curly’s spouse is the only female on the farm. Everyone makes fun of her. “Know what I think?” George did not address. “Well, I think Curley’s married … a tart.” (pg 14). Nobody ever wants to speak to her due to the fact that she’s a female, “Ain’t I got a right to speak with no one? Whatta they believe I am, anyways?” (pg 43).

She’s not aloud to speak with anyone due to the fact that everyone thinks she’s a tart. They do not even know what she resembles and they judge her with no evidence. They simply think she’s bad due to the fact that she’s a woman and that’s prejudice. Clearly Curly’s spouse is a victim of discrimination.

The Male discriminated by his age is Candy; he’s got a stinky, old, weak pet dog. The kids at the farm do not like the canine anymore due to the fact that it’s ineffective. “… Why ‘n’ t you get Candy to shoot his old canine …” (pg 17) This makes Sweet think what will happen if I become useless, will they shoot me to? It makes one wonder, who cares if he’s old and ineffective he’s a human being and no one can kill another no matter how old they are.

They constantly think he’s unable to do things due to the fact that he’s old, although he can do it “I lost my hand right here on this ranch. That’s why they give me a job swampin’.” (pg 29). Throughout the book Sweet keeps to himself, far from others, due to the fact that he’s declined by others, just like Crooks and Curly’s Other half. Candy, a sweet old man, is also discriminated against.

Many individuals were discriminated in the unique Of Mice and Men: Scoundrels, Curly’s Wife and Candy, all for different reasons. In spite of this, Steinbeck knew that discrimination is a toxin in the human heart. This is revealed by the fact that all 3 characters firmly insist that their rights be observed. Steinbeck, through Of Mice and Guy, wrote to the world against the evils of discrimination.

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