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Things Fall Apart: Ibo Society The Ibo Society july 22 2014 – MORE: – Things Break Down – Better Half Beating – Achebe – Chinua Achebe – Masculinity Flag ClosePost a remark In the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, the Ibo society is a male-dominant society which functions on masculine strength and strong devotions to customs. Manliness and fearlessness are traits that a fantastic man should have. Okonkwo has the ability to be considerably appreciated by the villagers due to the fact that of his harsh masculinity and bold courage. He accomplishes popularity by throwing Amalinze the Cat and restoring 5 human heads from wars.

Throughout the story, Okonkwo is “scared of being believed weak” and he aims to eliminate any feminine attributes within him and the people around him (Achebe 61). Unoka, Okonkwo’s tranquil and happy daddy who does not show any masculine qualities, is not respected in the society and is definitely disliked by Okonkwo. Okonkwo, the personification of masculinity in the Ibo society, “rules his home with a heavy hand” although “down in his heart Okonkwo is not a harsh guy” (12 ).

Because of its showcasing of individuals’ strength, manhood, and to a certain extent, violence, fumbling is an important occasion in the Ibo society. After the victorious wrestlers beat their challengers, “the crowd holler [s] and clap [s] while drown [s] the crazy drums,” showing that physical strength is considerably prized in the Ibo society (47 ). Due to the fact that of the excellent worth put on masculinity, women are to a terrific extent inferior to guys in the Ibo society. Partners’ main responsibility is to serve their hubbies. Women’s value is straight tied to their ability to item hildren, as shown by the reality that the birth of kids is “a female’s crowning glory” (77 ). Spouse pounding and domestic violence are extremely typical practices. Okonkwo constantly beats his spouses for some really unimportant matters such as forgetting to prepare meals for him. In one occasion “Okonkwo nearly eliminated [Ekwefi, his second partner,] with his weapon” (48 ). Often time ladies are merely homes of males who are even inferior to yams. The value of a man is determined by the variety of yams and partners he has, with the former bearing more value than the latter.

When a guy fits a lady, he works out a bride-price utilizing “a small bundle of brief broomsticks,” showing that women are only dealt with as residential or commercial properties and commodities in Ibo society (76 ). Finally, the lives of the Ibo individuals revolve around fantastic customs and supreme beings. The Oracle in the mountain is greatly respected and feared by the villagers. His choices are deemed edicts that people who defy them will be damned. The powerful clan of Umuofia never goes “to war unless its case was accepted by the Oracle of the Hills and the Caves” (12 ).

After the Oracle decrees Ikemefuna’s death, Okonkwo, in spite of his love for Ikemefuna, follows and eliminates Ikemefuna. When Chielo the priestess, sent for by Agbala, concerns Okonkwo’s hut to get Ezinma, even the brave Okonkwo paves the way after ceaselessly pleading Chielo to enable Ezinma stay. Traditions likewise play a really vital part in the Ibo society, as shown by the grand communal ceremonies of egwugwu and Evil Forest, “the most secret cult in the clan” (88 ). Individuals live by stern accordance to customs such as the Week of Peace, New Yam Celebration and market weeks.

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