Crooks in Of Mice and Men

Criminals in Of Mice and Men

In John Steinbeck’s unique “Of Mice and Male,” Crooks, who was kicked in the back by a horse, is clearly revealed as a steady hand who simply wishes to socialize with the other ranchers since he is extremely lonesome and isolated. He is the only black guy on the cattle ranch who has his own room in the barn and isn’t allowed the bunkhouse with the other males since of his skin color since during that time duration discrimination and bigotry was still very much alive and considered normal. Throughout the book he is seen very withdrawn from everyone else given that whenever he does be available in contact with anybody it only leads to something bad taking place for him. Some of Crooks’ characteristics is that he is prideful, smart, and his isolation.
Among the most significant quality that Steinbeck shows about Crooks is that he is very lonely. Although he doesn’t reveal it extremely early on he utilizes a mask to hide it such as stating things like “You got no right to come in my space. This here’s my space. No one got any right in here but me.” when Lennie attempts to befriend him by talking to him. It is likewise easy to understand why he gets nervous when Lennie approached him given that he has trust concerns ever since the boss permitted him in the bunkhouse to drink whisky on christmas that made everybody intoxicated and violent and took it out on him, Candy had stated it was probably prepared from the start to offer the boss some entertainment that day. His isolation though also protects him in a manner given that most of the time he is scolded at and used as a target for numerous others on the ranch which is made obvious when the boss is upset, “The one in charge offers him hell when he seethes”.
Scoundrels’ is likewise a very prideful individual and attempts to keep his self-respect even when it’s at the wrong times. An example of this is when Lennie attempts to speak to him for the very first time by entering his space and Scoundrels reacts by saying how it was “my space” over and over and how he had no right to be there. He likewise likes to point out the he isn’t descendants of servants but of landowners which suggests he is a totally free guy. Another example of his prideful screen is when Curley’s partner tears away his hope for the dream farm Sweet had actually discussed and his response is “I would not wish to go no place like that.” to show how he does not take care of it any longer. He places on this mask to protect his pride which looks like the only thing he has left.
Another characteristic about Scoundrels that readers can deduce is that he is very intelligent. Among his possessions, in his space he has some books consisting of “a tattered dictionary and a whipped copy of the California civil code for 1905” which informs us he checks out a lot in his spare time to escape his truth. He has a pair of eyeglasses in his space which shows greater knowledge considering that not many males during that time would require them since they don’t read. This likewise leads readers to believe his understanding is self taught and he has a higher intelligence than the other guys on the ranch. In conclusion Scoundrels was a good individual at heart who just wanted pals. His loneliness and how others treated him formed how he ended up being and in if he were to live in today’s society I think he would of ended up being really different given that a lot of the issues he dealt with during that time are now eliminated.

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