Comparing Animal Farm and Russian Revolution

Comparing Animal Farm and Russian Revolution

Comparing Animal farm and Russian transformation By Dare Yusuf Due date 4/21/2013 In this essay I am going to demonstrate how Animal farm and Russian revolution are the same. Orwell wished to inform individuals in communist Russia. The book has to do with animals but truly it is about communism in Russia. All characters in animal farm have a meaning and equivalents in Russian transformation. Animal farm system was feudalism. Humanity is attempting to manage animals on the farm and in feudalism Kings control individuals. Mr. Jones is a harsh and thick to the animals and his equivalent is Tsar because they both wished to control all of their land with ruthless force.

Ultimately both leaders were overthrown by their people. Animalism and communism are both present in book and Russian transformation. Old significant was the animal revolutionary founder and his equivalent was Karl Marx who invented communism. These 2 men got individuals to revolt versus their leaders. Old significant and Karl Marx passed away right prior to the transformations started. Snowball was 2nd in charge after Major died; Leon Trotsky was also next in command of Red October after Karl died. The Snowball and Leon both fought in civil war and “The battle for Cow shed” for Animal and Russia.

Snowball wanted to construct a windmill to help the farm flourish and get the animals a good life, Trotsky had a set of five year prepare for Russia to help them leave debt. The pigs in the book compare to the abundant of Russia throughout Russian revolution. The pigs never ever follow the law of the farm and the abundant of Russia never followed the law due to the fact that they were able to pay them self’s out of problem. 4 pigs confessed to dealing with snowball and were carried out on the area by pets; the abundant people of Russia were sometimes tortured to admit working to with Trotsky, so Trotsky might look evil.

Moses is a lazy bird that speaks about a location called “Sugar sweet land” and Moses counterpart is the church that were constantly preaching against Stalin. Napoleon was one of animal’s farm nightmares, and his equivalent Joseph Stalin was equally as even worse on Russia. Napoleon utilized pet dogs and pigs for public assistance, they assisted him get to power and Stalin utilized “KGB” to destroy all opposers. Napoleon repelled Snowball of the farm because he was a danger to his power, Stalin did the same thing to Trotsky he had him assassinated. The pigs and dog are made upper class people on animal farm; they sleep on beds, drinks alcohol.

People of Russia and animal farm are similar in numerous methods. Boxer is a hard working horse that does half the work on the farm and he compares to the working class of Russia. “Comrade Napoleon is constantly right” that is fighter’s quote and that gets him in trouble, Napoleon betrays him and sells him to a slaughterhouse for cash. Boxer is the main factor Napoleon is in power the majority of the animals on animal farm would not truly listen to Napoleon if fighter never ever listened to him; The animal looked up to boxer for his hard work principles and did whatever he did so they followed him and developed the windmill so that’s why Napoleon got in power.

Mollie was a silly, lazy, and vein horse that represented the lowest of the abundant people of Russia. Mollie never ever wished to work or do anything and the low class never assisted with the transformation. She escaped to human farm to be pampered and the low class left to the west to prevent doing anything that might have involved a war. The most symbolic of the book was when the hens broke their eggs and didn’t want to sacrifice them to Napoleon. These Hens represented the poor farmers who were required to give crops and harvest to Stalin.

The hen were starved to death if they didn’t offer their eggs up and the bad farmers were likewise carried out, killed and had their villages burned down to ground if they didn’t want to quit crops. George Orwell does a great job or disusing the books genuine objective. By utilizing animals he was able to smuggle the book into Russia and sell it. He handled to record what was going on in Russia while he was going around Europe. Orwell does an excellent job of portraying the characters and their equivalents perfectly

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