Colloquial Speech (Of Mice and Men)

Colloquial Speech (Of Mice and Male)

? COLLOQUIAL SPEECH Bloody hell! S’pose nex’ time if those two pants bunnies weren’t so goddamn late, it would conserve ever’body a hell lotta trouble. In charge was sure scrappy and I ain’t gon’ deal with ‘im say goodbye to! When the boss begins to question ‘hem, the poor fella was afraid silent and ain’t gon’ say absolutely nothing, however his big flapper buddy jus’ couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Them 2 new ranchers betta not come late again, or they will sure get canned! Addin’ to that, those 2 brang us a hell of a lot more work and I ain’t got no poop fo’ any more difficulty.

The huge flapper made sure as hell right when he said he ain’t bright at all ’cause when that bastard Curley knocks his hatred at the huge person, the huge guy goes dead quiet, so now Curley’s hell of a lot more pissed. That big fella could beat Curley without any trouble however ’em two betta not select no problem with Curley, or he’ll provide ’em a bumpy ride. Ol’ man Sweet went to show ’em their beds, an’ what kinda beds did them 2 thin’ they were going to have anyways? You operate at a cattle ranch not a goddamn palace, ’em two betta stop fussin’ ’bout and start to fit in rather, otherwise they ain’t gon na get no regard from the others.

The brief fella told off that poor ol’ thing for being such a meddlesome son-of-a-bitch and afraid ol’ Sweet to silence. The rattrap came strollin’ in an’ started to flirt with them two fellas. If Curley saw ‘is lady talkin’ to them, he’ll sure raise hell again and get them canned. She sure is a tramp, givin’ the filthy eye to the short fella. The son-of-a-bitch even called the tart purty! I do not offer a damn about those two pants bunnies, however they much better not mess with the rattrap or they will get socked straight away!

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