Class Assessment Project – A Raisin in the Sun

Class Assessment Task– A Raisin in the Sun

Walter Lee Younger is an African American male in his early to mid-30’s. He has been married to Ruth for 11 years, and has a boy, Travis, who is approximately 10 years old. The Younger household lives on the South side of Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Younger shares an apartment with his spouse, his boy, his mom, Lena, and his sibling, Beneatha; his dad, Walter, passed away nearly a year ago. The house the Younger family resides in has 2 bedrooms, a little cooking area, and a little living-room.

2 floors of houses in their structure share one neighborhood bathroom. Walter is utilized as a driver for a white man, a task that makes him seem like a qualified monkey (Hansberry, (1959) 2007). This job adds to his feelings of insufficiency. He yearns for employment where he can make adequate cash to support his household, and where he can feel a sense of pride. Walter has sensations of bitterness, anxiety, and anger. He feels oppressed, and believes everybody is trying to keep him from achieving his dream of owning an organisation.

When it seems his dreams will never ever come to life, he ends up being very somber and withdrawn, and begins drinking. With a part of the insurance cash, Walter’s mom bought the family a home in a lion’s share of Chicago, which takes place to be an all-white community. His mother offers him the opportunity to be the male of the family when provides him the remaining money from his daddy’s insurance coverage settlement. Walter feels great that his mother trusts him and desires him to be in charge of the family’s financial resources.

He begins to see a light on his dreams, and he feels he can lastly more than happy and confident for the future. Walter invested the cash his mom provided him, in addition to the money he was to put away for his sister’s college, in a company endeavor with two of his good friends. The neighborhood committee, where Lena purchased your home, offers to purchase the house from the family, plus an additional financial reward, when they find out the Younger household is colored. Walter’s pride and wish for the future triggers him to decrease the deal.

On the other hand, the individual in charge of investing the money into the liquor store organisation took off with every dollar. Upon discovering the financial investment money is gone, the feelings of worthlessness and defeat return so Walter calls the committee supervisor of the neighborhood to arrange a meeting. Mr. Younger is angry at himself for being benefited from and for losing the household’s cash, so he discusses to his family how he is going to have the community committee pay them not just what his mom paid for your home, however he is going to make them spend for the money that was lost as well.

Walter reveals terrific anger and bitterness. Walter Younger understands, after the money is gone and after a scolding from his mom, that he needs to be happy and content with the important things he has, not mad for the things he can not have. Psychological problems and social requirements of Walter Lee Younger. Culturally proficient methods to address the problems What type of present services would Walter Lee Younger benefit from.

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