Character Analysis – Curley in Of Mice and Men

Character Analysis– Curley in Of Mice and Male

In John Steinbeck’s classic book, “Of Mice and Male,” Curley’s other half is viewed as an inexpensive ownership, a toy that comes from Curley. A belongings that he gets to manage. His absence of love, regard and attention results to her death in the end. By all the men she’s viewed as a tramp, they think that she’s out cause trouble. However the truth is she’s frantically lonely. She just wants somebody to talk to. She’s lost out on a fantastic life that might have been hers, which hurts her.
Curley’s spouse is a beautiful woman, whose blossoming with love, with big expect the future. She imagines becoming a big starlet n Hollywood. She wishes to prosper and popular, and have great clothing. She wants to make something from her life. Since of her charm she was guaranteed fantastic things. However in truth her dreams never ever came true, the letters she awaited never came, the pledges that were made to her were never fulfilled. “Might’ve been in the motion pictures, an’ had good clothes”. She declined to stay where she would be a nobody. “Well, I wasn’t gon na remain no place where I could not get no place or make something of my life”. So one night she meat Curley at the Riverside Dance Palace, and she wed him, he became her ticket out of her desperate life. She never ever married him out of love and passion just of desperation. “I don’t like Curley. He ain’t a good fella.”
Curley’s relationship with his other half is extremely remote. He treats her without any respect, his very possessive of her, he attempts to manage who she talks to and what she can and can’t do. His likewise disloyal. Just after weeks of their marital relationship his already going to “feline houses”. His cheating her left right and center. And like any person she needs to be loved, she requires to be taken care of, she needs attention and she needs friendship. The other males perceive her as a tart, they believe she simply wished to cause them problem. They see her as Curley’s toy and as long as he doesn’t let her speak to them she should not. “We’ll I think Curley’s married a tart”. They think that she disrespects him due to the fact that she does not follow his orders. “You can speak to individuals, but I can’t talk with no one however Curley. Else he gets mad”. They also thinks that she’s listed below them since she’s a woman, they think that their much better then ladies.
Curley’s better half is really extremely lonesome, she has absolutely no one. She has no one that cares or loves her. Curley provides her no love, affection or attention. His just thinking about her when their in the bed room. Because he can’t give her what she needs, she looks for someone that can. She attempts to form some kind of relationship with the other guys. Just since she needs somebody to talk to and someone to hear her. However, I believe that if any of the men offered her the time and day I think that she would go for them. And I think that would be rather typical, since Curley deserves it.
Curley’s partner death is completely a mishap, its something that wasn’t expected to occur, it wasn’t supposed to end like that. His isolation resulted in her death, if she had not needed somebody to talk to, then she would not have gone near Lennie and he would not of inadvertently broke her neck. The unfortunate thing was that she had in fact made a connection with Lennie, he listened to her. They made that connection, she opened out her heart to him. She told him her disappointment in her marital relationship, her life, disappointment in her self. And he didn’t judge he just listened. Even in her death he showed no remorse all he thought of was revenge, all he believed was killing Lennie. He didn’t sob once for his young dead spouse.

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