Book Report – Atlas Shrugged

Book Report– Atlas Shrugged

Book Report– Atlas Shrugged Yu Wang Atlas Shrugged is a terrific novel. Ayn Rand presents a great deal of ideas; egotism that people live for their own needs, industrialism that government should not interrupt the economics and prevent the innovation, and objectivism that factor relies on fact and so on. There are a lot of points worthily gone over. At here I wish to discuss the counterparty, hero and looters, in the book which are related to the Tulipomania. In the book there are two sort of people, Dagny Taggart John Galt and industrialist, who are objectivism, hero of the world, bold and accountable, believing based upon the reality.

On the contrary, James Taggart and government are weak, fear to take duty, and rely on their judgment not reality. I believe there are some common amongst these individuals in between Atlas Shrugged and Tulipomania. In Atlas Shrugged, the looters like James Taggart are much like the tulip dealers and trader. At the start, Taggart Company requires to fix the railroad. Initially James Taggart wants to use the old metal rather of the new more dependable metal. Because he thinks the company had a long relationship with the old metal supplier. He does not have logical judgment, just thinking that public is right and no thinking.

His sister Dagny, however, points out the Rearden’s metal is excellent choice for the line. She think based on the fact and knowledge that she knows the brand-new metal is dependable and better. She understands the Rearden company’s metal is the very best option, despite opinion of government clinical organization who is managed by politic not scientist. I believe a lots of Tulip dealerships and traders share common with James Taggart for unreasonable element. The Tulip dealerships are irrational. They crazy traded for tulips even if trading could make money and the price of tulip continued to go up.

However they did not know the real value of many tulips. They did not think why the price of tulips bulb go high. They simply chose to trade on tulip based judgment and individual affection. Additionally, in Atlas Shrugged, James Taggart is craven. He does not want to take responsibility. He just wishes to get effective through government, an easy to meet for him. This is sort of like some of the tulips dealership. Some of the tulip dealerships really are really timid. They went to the tulip market after they saw other people earn money. They could be thinking there is little danger to make money through by doing this, or believe why I could lose oney. I believe the reality that these tulip dealerships follow other seemingly successful guy is a reflection of their reluctance taking risk. In Atlas Shrugged, the economic is lastly melted down after lots of unreasonable government policy. The federal government disperse the resource depend on requirements rather of contribution. This action contributes to the financial collapse. This model has actually been shown to stop working in factory. The government taking this action does not follow the guideline of nature, which eventually trigger the chaos of the world. The tulip dealers also did not follow the object of tulips.

They did not understand the tulip is just a flower, without any worth if nobody like it. It holds true that some scant bulbs with high value but most bulbs were much overpriced. This obviously unreasonable phenomenon lastly cause the marketplace drop. I am actually impressed that a person of idea Rand presented that only some individuals with intelligent and ingenious motive the development of the world. In the novel, the hero are those public did not realize and value what they did, and why they did so. The other individuals on the other side are rabbles but they do not recognize prior to John Galt told them.

They are useless for the progress of world. They just are the passenger of train. I believe it holds true that most people can not be the force to advance the society since they can not purely think independently or other reason. In the book, just little number of people can think based on truth, making them to invent ingenious idea and items, discover the remarkable method to believe. For the most bubble there are always some individuals can take advantage of them. They would discover the opportunities before the bubble and exit before completion of bubble. However the other individuals are just the opposite. I think this show the value of mind.

Normal people are those who can not believe. They can not attain with efficient and tendency by themselves given that they do not have the mind to guide. Next to I believe the way of thinking is one of the reasons some individuals can take advantage of the trade, somebody will lose whatever. In Atlas Shrugged, the author likewise specify that communist is the prevent for economic. It creates corruption, chaos, and low efficiency. She said people need to follow their own requirements. To support this, Rand explains that if individuals are forced to position their neighbor needs beyond their own, the society will be in mayhem and evil.

The guy with capability and hard-working will lose; they are individuals to do more and get less. The factory that John Galt when operated in is the example of communist. This factory lastly ended in damage highlights that any economic and society can not be built on sacrifice interest of some people to meet the other. Atlas Shrugged is a great work, inspiring me deeply. It has a great deal of crucial and amazing points that worth to be additional gone over and thought. I am thankful to read this book despite the fact that I can just get the mess around idea.

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