Book Analysis: The Hunger Games Essay

In the unique The Appetite Games, by Suzanne Collins a brand-new country is developed. Panem is born in place of North America, were the Appetite Games started. In the Cravings Games, there are 24 homages. Tributes are people who live in the districts. The tributes in the Hunger Games are all the very same. They eliminate one another and become the Capitols puppets. The tributes end up being violent, emotionless puppets. Then there is Katniss. Katniss is an excellent hunter and ends up being deadly throughout the video games.

However, she has not lost her empathy. Katniss does not think of herself as a good individual. When in truth she is an excellent individual with a large heart, who puts others before herself. Katniss does many things others will not do in her situation. Whether it is assisting her family or helping others. Katniss’ father passed away in a mining mishap when she was eleven (5 ). Katniss’s mom did not manage it well. She stopped taking care of her family.

She became a zombie. Katniss had to start looking after her family (26, 27). One day Katniss figured all of it out. Katniss idea, “The first dandelion of the year.

A bell went off in my head. I thought about the hours invested in the woods with my dad and I understood how we were going to survive” (32 ). This is when Katniss recognizes her family would no longer starve. Katniss knew searching in district 12 is unlawful and the penalty might be death (5 ). Katniss dangers her life. Katniss’s only issue is her family, no matter the risk. The reaping is when a male and female tribute is selected from each district. When the day of the enjoying shows up, a surprise homage is picked. Which is Prim Katniss little sibling (20 ). Prim’s name has just been entered when (21 ). Katniss can not understand what has happened. Her chances were extremely slim. Katniss exclaims, “I offer!” I gasp.” I offer as homage” (22 ). When Katniss goes on stage, everyone is surprised. Nobody offers applause. Everybody looks ravaged. Effie Trinket says,” I bet my buttons that was your sister. Do not desire her to steal all the glory, do we? Begin, everyone! Let’s offer a huge round of applause to our latest homage!” (23 ). Effie Ornament thinks it is an honor to be picked. Effie mores than happy things are more amazing this year.

Effie does not understand why Katniss truly volunteered. Unlike others, Katniss appreciates more than herself. Katniss was the only volunteer in district 12 others were terrified. Katniss will do anything for her sister. This act reveals what kind of person she genuinely is. Katniss will do anything for her family. She typically is afraid her actions will harm her mother and sister. Katniss tries to secure them from life. When Katniss was able to begin putting her name in the gaining, she did it frequently. Katniss informs the reader, “You can decide to add your name more times in exchange for tesserae. Each tesserae deserves a weak year’s supply of grain and all for one person” (13 ). To keep her family fed Katniss added her name several times. This was the only thing she could do at the time. However, Katniss would not enable Prim to do the exact same.

Prim has just entered her name when and that was because she had to. Katniss informs the reader, “I safeguard Prim in every way I can, but I’m powerless versus the enjoying” (15 ). Katniss fret about her household multiple times throughout the book. When Katniss is training in the Capitol, she flaunts her temper. Katniss is supposed to reveal her abilities to the Gamemakers however they ignore her. They are more interested in their food then her. Katniss then shoots an arrow toward them. The arrow spears the apple, which remains in the pig’s mouth. This gets their attention. Katniss runs out and quickly regrets her choice. As quickly as she understands what she did, she thinks of her household. Katniss believes,” What truly frightens me is what they may do to my mom and Prim, how my household may suffer now because of my impulsiveness” (103 ). Katniss constantly thinks about her actions. She frequently questions how they will impact the ones she enjoys.

Instead of fretting about herself, Katniss stresses over others. This might cause her death or her success. During the Hunger games, the tributes are expected to be eliminating devices. Katniss satisfies a lady in the games. Her name is Rue and she advises Katniss of Prim (201 ). Rue cautions Katniss of a tracker jacket nest in the tree. In return, Katniss kinds an alliance with Rue. Katniss states,” You know, they’re not the only ones who can form alliances” (200 ). Alliances in the Appetite Games can be hazardous. Producing an alliance can be your death. Katniss and Rue know their alliance will not last long. In the meantime they choose to share their supplies and take pleasure in each other’s company (200,201 203). When the night comes Katniss tells Rue,” You can share my sleeping bag if you want. We’ll both easily healthy (205 ).

Katniss might inform this was more than Rue expected (205 ). Rue and Katniss made the perfect alliance, but it ended too soon. Katniss and Rue create a strategy. While Rue was setting a fire, she was caught in a trap. Katniss was shouting for Rue then she heard Rue scream (231 ). Katniss went running and saw the young boy from district 1 toss a spear through Rue’s stomach (232 ). In return, Katniss eliminates the kid from district 1. Rues last demand is for Katniss to sing. Katniss sings Rue “sleeping” (234 ). Katniss attempts to think of a method to respect Rue. Katniss embellishes Rues body in flowers (237 ). Katniss believes,” I decorate her body in the flowers. Covering the awful injury. Wreathing her face. Weaving her with intense colors” (237 ). Katniss wishes to reveal the Capitol they can not eliminate Rues humanity or hers. Katniss does not only appreciate her household and herself however others. Katniss would crave anybody who truly deserves her trust.

When the games take a turn, Katniss is surprised. 2 people can win, but they need to be from the same district. Katniss hears this and her very first reaction is screaming Peetas name (244 ). Katniss understands Peeta is injured since what Cato and the careers stated (247 ). Katniss understands she will end up being more vulnerable, but she still needs to go after him. After she finds him, Katniss has a bigger issue then she believed. Peeta is really ill and hurt (252-240). The only thing Katniss can do is nurse Peeta back to health. One night Katniss thinks,” I spend the night, revitalizing the bandage, and trying not to dwell on the fact that by teaming up with him, I’ve made myself even more susceptible than when I was alone” (263 ). Peeta is becoming worse and needs medicine. Katniss understands it might be impossible. At this phase in the video games, medication and other materials are really costly (265,266). When Katniss gets an opportunity to go to the Cornucopia, Peeta will not let her (274 ).

Katniss screams,” All right, I am going, and you can’t stop me?” (274 ). Katniss does not care. She would rather die herself then let Peeta die. While attempting to get Peeta medicine she almost dies herself. The female tribute from district two tries to kill her. Katniss makes it back to Peeta and injects him with the medication before she loses consciousness. After Peeta gets the medication, they spend a long time together. They are unwinding and healing. The 2 really learn more about one another through telling stories. While talking Katniss thinks,” And while I was talking, the idea of really losing Peeta hit me again and I understood how much I don’t desire him to die” (297 ). Katniss realizes she does not desire Peeta to die. Katniss could never envision him leaving her. Katniss and Peeta decide they need to eliminate Cato prior to he can kill them initially.

When Cato is lastly dead, they wait for the trumpets. The trumpets indicate their success. Absolutely nothing takes place. It turns out the guideline has actually been withdrawed (342 ). Now they have to eliminate one another. Peeta refuses to kill Katniss and Katniss will not eliminate Peeta (342-345). Katniss knows she can not and will not live her live without him (345 ). Rather, they choose to consume the toxin berries. It will eliminate them both and the Appetite Games will have no winner. The Capitol understands this and decides there will be two victors. Katniss would rather sacrifice her life to conserve another person. Even someone she barely understands. Katniss is a great individual at heart.

Katniss might have hunter’s impulse; eliminate anything or anybody who tries to hurt individuals she cares about. Katniss would risk her life for them. Even in the video games, Katniss would not eliminate the one person who stood in her method of winning. Katniss reveals what matters compassion and her humankind. Katniss shows she is more than each in their games (232 ). Katniss remembers what Peeta stated on the Roofing. Peeta stated,” I do not desire them to alter me in there. Turn me into some sort of monster that I’m not” (141 ). Katniss does not wish to lose herself, which she never ever does. Katniss reveals she is a good person by forming alliances and looking after other homages. Katniss does not think she is good but she really is even if she can not see it.

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