Beneatha Younger in A Raisin in the Sun

Beneatha Younger in A Raisin in the Sun

“That that was what a single person could provide for another, repair him up-sew up the problem. That was the most marvelous thing worldwide. I wanted to do that” (Hansberry 115). In Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun, Beneatha Younger has her heart set on making something of herself. She specifies in Act 3, that she wants to be a doctor to help treat people like God does. When her good friend, Rufus, got hurt sledding, Beneatha realized that physicians can alter somebody’s life totally.

Beneatha’s dream of becoming the doctor of the family is more significant than the other characters since she is looking for herself and who she really wishes to be. In the start of the play, Beneatha shows a desire or a desire to pursue a non-traditional dream. She tells Mother and Ruth that she has actually been taking several different classes at college such as guitar lessons and horseback riding. “How come you done taken it in your mind to discover to play the guitar” (Hansberry 32). Mother desires Beneatha to be set on being a doctor and that’s it.

Beneatha is not it for the money, but for that reason, by her ending up being something huge would be assisting the household with financial problems, she would be making a large financial investment to support the household. Beneatha has been through numerous stepping stones in her life, through kids and having to take a number of classes to find out what her life needs to become. Throughout the play, she has actually been through two boys, Asagai and George. The entire household adored George but then again he attempted to alter Beneatha for somebody she did not want to end up being.

George is really inpatient and sort of disrespectful towards Beneatha; he does not appear to like what she uses or who she wants to be. Beneatha fell for Asagai, who is from Nigeria; he reveals her buddy and did not wish to see her quit on her dream due to the money scenario. Beneatha shuttered her quality and intelligence around in the family; Mom knows just how much being informed and becoming a medical professional indicated to her. That is why Mother recommended that Walter would take $3,000 to out towards Beneatha’s education. When the whole household found out that Walter spent the $3,000 towards his financial investment and that Willy had actually ran off with it.

Beneatha began to be disappointed in Walter and likewise began to give up accomplishing her dreams. Can a dream be bigger than life itself? Beneatha begins to quit hope when she discovers that Walter did not put the other half of the money towards her education. She believes the imagine ending up being a doctor is soon to be fading away. “Then isn’t there something wrong in a home—- in a world—- where all dreams, excellent or bad, must depend on the death of a male”(Hansberry 116)? Asagai is attempting to convince that Beneatha that she need to not give up on her dream even if she does not have her dad’s death money to depend upon anymore.

Although all the other characters had big dreams for their life times, Beneatha revealed the most accomplishment throughout this play. She is attempting to be something of herself and be helpful of her family. Walter revealed no regret to his family, he was just fretted about his self and what he could do with his Dad’s insurance money. Continuously, he continued to ask Mama if the check had come in. Mother and Ruth had reminded told Walter that a liquor shop was not a good concept and that messing with Willy Harris was not a smart individual to handling either.

Mom relied on Walter with the check of insurance and figured he would be accountable enough to save the remainder of the check to go towards Beneatha’s schooling. Beneatha challenges every member in the household, she has a great deal of conflicts with Walter particularly at the end when she found out he had invested her schooling cash on his financial investment. She is certainly a good example of characters whose dreams have been pushed aside or have actually been on delay. Beneatha imagine being a doctor was definitely a struggle; she battles to determine herself as a well-read black female.

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