Atlas Shrugged Quiz 4

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  • Mr. Thompson will relinquish power Taggart Transcontinental will broaden to South America
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  • 4] value=” Ragnar Danneskjold” > Ragnar Danneskjold< input type=" radio "name= "question [4]
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  • The killing of goats< input type =" radio" name =" concern [6] worth=" The
  • 7] value=” She is run over by a truck” > She is run over by a truck
    She is killed< input type=" radio" name
  • ” value=” She is
  • type=” radio” name=” concern [8] value=” A brand-new type of railway tie “> A new sort of railway tie Jim left her Dagny lied to her The nationalization of d’Anconia Copper< input type =" radio" name =" concern [10] worth="
  • ” value=” Galt’s Gulch” > Galt’s Gulch San Francisco
  • Destroys global relations Ruins consumer confidence< input type=" radio" name=" concern [
  • ” Brother, you asked for it!”< input type=" radio" name=" concern [15] worth='" Bro, you paid for
  • Down with the looter federal government!”‘ > “Down with the looter federal government!” 17 When does Dagny next see John Galt after she leaves the valley? At the Wayne-Falkland Hotel At the demonstration of Task X. In her office after Cherryl dies. In the Taggart Terminal on the night the track signals head out. 18 Where is there a lock opened only by a noise? Dagny’s plane. The dining-room of the Wayne-Falkland Hotel. Taggart Transcontinental Terminal. The power station in Galt’s Gulch. 19 What breaks down the night Dagny is called to the Terminal from the supper with the Washington authorities? The last Diesel motor. The lights on the concourse. The signals. The power for the Taggart Structure. 20 What is the “virtue of selfishness”? Francisco d’Anconia’s family creed. The motto printed on the coins in Galt’s Gulch. A principle of objectivist viewpoint. The slogan of the looter government. 21 What feeling is awakened in Dr. Robert Stadler upon seeing Project X? Anger. Worry. Pride. Enjoyment. 22 What are “frozen trains”? Trains blocked from going through points by excessive freight traffic. Trains caught in tunnels. Trains caught in the icy floods of Minnesota. Trains deserted mid-journey by the team. 23 What did Kip’s Ma’s Plan want to do? Feed the country with soybeans. Carry the yearly wheat havest. Teach kids to weave fabric in schools. Help farmers purchase mules. 24 When the track signals go out in the Taggart Terminal, what does Dagny decide to do? Stop train traffic completely. Reroute every train to Philadelphia. Bring the trains in manually with signalmen and latnerns. Send out all of the traffic to the Atlantic-Southern. 25 Through what media does John Galt make his speech? Television. Radio. Newpapers. Newsreels in motion picture theatres.

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