Atlas Shrugged Quiz 3

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  • Colorado? Wesley Mouch Wyatt Ellis Francisco d’Anconia Kip Chalmers 14 Who pertains to go to Dagny when she retreats to the cabin? Francisco d’Anconia Mrs. Taggart Gwen Hank 15 Why will the Comet not make it through the tunnel on the night Jim Taggart declines to take obligation? It is susceptible to avalanche The engineer mishandles The engine can not pull it It is pulled by a coal-burning engine 16 What lavish presents does Hank offer Dagny? A yacht A ruby and a blue fox cape A house and a car A company 17 With whom does Dagny stay at the cabin? Jim Cheryl Nobody Hank 18 What brings Dagny back to work at Taggart Transcontinental? The Colorado tunnel catastrophe The Rio Norte line The Anti-dog-eat-dog Rule The Equalization of Chance Act 19 Where did Jeff Allan work? Danager Coal d’Anconia Copper The Twentieth Century Motor Business Wyatt Oil 20 To whom is Ragnar Danneskjold wed? Kay Ludlow Gwen Ives Dagny Taggart Cheryl Brooks 21 How long is Dagny missing out on while she remains in Galt’s Gulch? One week One day One year One month 22 At Patrick Henry University, what was John Galt’s field of study? Physics Service Viewpoint Politics 23 At Patrick Henry University, what was Francisco’s discipline? Company Art Physics General Science 24 At Patrick Henry University, what was Ragnar Danneskjold’s field of study? Biology Chemistry Diplomacy Philosophy 25 What is Dagny’s job in Galt’s Gulch? Cook and housemaid Fishwife Baker Starlet

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