Atlas Shrugged Quiz 1

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  • d’Anconia
  • value=” Hank Rearden” > Hank Rearden 13 What country does Francisco originate from?< input type=" radio" name=" question [12] value
  • 12].” value=” Mexico “> Mexico Spain Canada 14 What is Hank’s other half’s name
  • Dagny< input type=" radio" name =" question [13]
  • ” value=”Gwen” > Gwen Mary 16 What does Dagny call her brand-new railroad line? The Nat Taggart Line The James Taggart Line The John Galt Line The Hank Rearden Line 17 In the early part of the book, why doesn’t Hank act upon his feelings for Dagny? He is married. She is wed. He is afraid of Dagny. He knows Dagny likes another person. 18 What is the Anti-dog-eat-dog Rule? A preferred approach of Francisco A law in Congress An organisation restriction enacted by the Railroad Association A policy of Taggart Transcontinental 19 What favor does Hank’s mother ask him when she visits him in his office? To discover a home for her To ask for a divorce for Lillian To provide Hank’s brother a job To request cash 20 What is the nature of Francisco and Dagny’s relationship when they are young? They always disliked each other They fulfilled at Dagny’s coming-out ball Francisco is a friend of James They begin as childhood friends, and become enthusiasts 21 Who is Wesley Mouch? James’ enemy Hank Rearden’s pal Hank Rearden’s Washington man Dagny’s worker 22 In the coffeeshop Dagny visits, in what state is all the devices made? New york city Colorado California Pennsylvania 23 Near what river was the Taggart Estate? The Mississippi The Thames The Colorado The Hudson 24 What is Hank’s original company? Coal Railroads Mining Steel 25 Where did Francisco d’Anconia go to school? Yale Patrick Henry University The University of California Princeton

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