Animal Farm: Test Study Notes

Animal Farm: Test Research Study Notes

Which animal showed up the idea to construct windmill?
Snowball came up with the concept to construct the windmill.
Who was the neighbor who offered the animals phony bank notes in exchange for a pile of lumber?
Mr. Frederick offered the animals phony bank notes in exchange for the stack of lumber?
Which animal spread reports about sugar candy mountain?
Moses the raven spread rumors about sugar candy mountain.
Who came up with the idea/concept of animalism?
Old Major developed the idea/concept of animalism.
Who’s motto was “I will work more difficult”?
Fighter’s motto was “I will work harder”.
Who was the leader of animal farm?
Napoleon was the leader of animal farm.
Who did Napoleon pick to be his bodyguards?
Napoleon chose the canines to be his bodyguards.
What was the name of the man who used to own, “The Manor Farm”?
The name of the man who used to own, “The Manor Farm” was Mr. Jones.
What did Mollie carry out in here spare time?
Mollie looked at herself in a reflection and wore her many ribbons.
Which of the pigs was proficient at poetry?
Minimus was good at poetry.
What was Squealer proficient at?
Squealer was an extraordinary speaker and might easily alter somebodies opinion.
Whenever something went wrong on the farm who was blamed?
Snowball was blamed for everything that went wrong on the farm.
What was the name of the male who went into town to get the products for the animals?
Mr. Whymper was the male who entered into town to get the supplies for the animals.
Who was the earliest on the farm?
Benjamin was the earliest on the farm.
Who was the next-door neighbor that enjoyed fishing and hunting?
Mr. Pilkington took pleasure in fishing and searching.
What kind of animals lived in the farm house?
The pigs and the pets lived in the farm home.
Who are the three animals who get away from animal farm?
Snowball, Mollie, and Moses all escape from the farm.
What are the names of the three primary horses?
Boxer, Clover, and Mollie are the names of the 3 main horses.
What kind of animals conceal up in the rafters and disobey Napoleon?
The chickens conceal up in the rafters and disobey Napoleon.
Which animals consume the most and produce the least?
The pigs eat the most and produce the least.
What occurs to the windmill compose before it is finished?
Frederick and his men assault the farm and blow it up.
What occurs to Snowball?
Napoleon’s pets chase him off the farm.
What was it about Naploleon that everybody feared?
All the animals feared the pets.
In what nation did all of this take place?
This occurred in England.
Why did the men want to ruin the windmill?
The windmill was going to produce more wheat, that would be more compotition for the other farmers.
What happend to the animals that disobeyed?
Naploleon informed the pets to kill them.
What happend to Mollie?
Among Mr. Pilkington’s guys persuaded her to entrust him.
What happend to Boxer?
His heart provided after a long life of work.
Why were awards handed to specific people who fought in the battle of Cow Shed?
It was to inspire the animals to wish to fight or perhaps crave the farm.
Why does Napoleon let Moses spread reports about Sugar Sweet Mountain?
It gives the animals hope, if they work hard maybe they will get to go there.
“No animal in Egland in totally free.” ~ Old Major
He was trying to explane to the other animals that it wasn’t fair and that animals must be complimentary to do what they desire. his is what animalism was “supposed” to be like.
“Four legs great two legs bad!” ~ sheep
The entire book is about animals (four legs) wish to be complimentary however they require to leave the people (two legs).
“All that year the animals worked like slaves.” ~ Narator
Animalism was supposed to be about everyone doing their part of the work, unlike when they were slaves for the human beings.
“They could not knock it down in a week” ~ Napoleon
The animals were over cofident in there production which caused the fall of the windmill.
“The animals outside looked from pig to male, and from man to pig, and from pig to man once again: but already it was difficult to state which was which.” ~ Narator
The pigs took the idea that was supposed to bennefit everyone and utilized it for their own gain. As time went on the condissions worsened and even worse up until the were just as bad as what they rebelled against in the very first location.
Karl Marx– Old Major
creator of communism
founder of animalism
both of those concepts never ever worked
Josef Stalin– Napoleon
Ruthless leaders, Betrayed the people, Would do whatever it required to complete something
Leon Trotsky– Snowball
Pushed into exile, Fantastic speach makers
Czar Nicolas II– Mr. Jones
Just represented the abundant, Consumed and didn’t produce
KGB– Canines
Enforcers, Utilized the fear of individuals to their benefit, Could perform any orders, no matter how crule.
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