Animal Farm Study Questions Chapter 6-10

Animal Farm Research Study Questions Chapter 6-10

Animal Farm Study Questions # 2 Chapter VI and Chapter VII 1. The animals are doing a lot of work since they need to get the windmill done. 2. Napoleon decides to trade with the neighboring farms due to the fact that the can’t manage to let the windmill go undone and the animals are starving. 3. The animals’ response is that they are stunned however decide it is required that Napoleon trades with the neighboring farms. 4. The windmill is destroyed by the wind that knocked it over. Napoleon blames Snowball since he wishes to make Snowball look like an even worse person. 5.

Napoleon orders that the hens’ eggs be offered due to the fact that the farm requires more grain and for hundred eggs a week is what they require to get the grain they require to make it through up until the summertime. 6. The method Napoleon acts is that he makes it where anyone who takes the hens food or any supply will be penalized and he needs the eggs. 7. The animals admit to being traitors because they believe that they deserve what the other animals obtained from them. Chapter VII and Chapter IX 1. The function is to show that the animals are not living off even worse than before they rebelled versus Jones. Napoleon is becoming increasingly more like a common totalitarian since he is taking over the animals’ natural rights and he is making it where they can’t do certain things. He’s ending up being similar to Jones. 3. Napoleon outsmarts himself by making sure he had cash up front aside from a pay-me-back and when he does that, he gets counterfeit money rather. 4. What makes the fight versus Frederick’s males different from the Battle of the Cowshed of that Frederick’s males had guns this time and were able to kill more animals than last time. The whiskey incident is when Napoleon beverages too much alcohol and is on his deathbed however he soon recovers. 6. The living conditions are extreme thinking about the pigs and pets can take what they want due to the fact that they need to vicious dogs to control the other animals. 7. Napoleon allows Moses to come back and inform his stories since it keeps the animals striving and it keeps them from recognizing what a jerk and over powerful man Napoleon is ending up being and it keeps them from having thoughts of rebellion.

Chapter X 1. The changes that the years have actually given the farm are that Jones has passed away and it may not be as bad as Jones’s time however it’s well on it’s method there. 2. Orwell makes fun of bureaucracy by overemphasizing the way Napoleon is becoming human. 3. The animals feel that their farm is much better off than it was before the disobedience but they are still not getting what they should have from the upper animals. 4. They kill off the animals because they betrayed them. 5.

The brand-new rule is All animals are equivalent. But some are more equivalent than others. It has held true from the start because the pigs took control of in the beginning and they started taking increasingly more of the animals’ rights away as they went. They started to believe that they were much better than everyone else. 6. The pigs’ look begins to alter when they start walking on their hind legs and at the end, the pigs become human; their faces change totally.

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