Animal Farm, Snowball

Animal Farm, Snowball

Snowball and Trotsky He led a revolution, became a scapegoat, and was exiled from his home lane. This person was Leon Trotsky, a Russian Marxist revolutionary. In the unique Animal Farm, Trotsky came out through a pig called Snowball. Throughout the novel, Trotsky is raised a growing number of through snowball. Leon Trotsky is represented through Snowball by the numerous life events they had in common. Snowball was repelled from the farm and became an exile by Napoleons trained pets. In Trotsky’s life, he too ended up being an exile from his house.

He sent away and prohibited from returning. In addition, Napoleon declared that all the ideas that had originated from Snowball were really all his own creations. “Among them all however closed his jaws on Snowballs tail, but Snowball whisked it free in the nick of time. Then he placed on an additional spurt … slipped through a hole … and was seen say goodbye to”( 68 ). This is a quote from the scene where Snowball becomes prohibited from the farm. After Snowball takes charge over the farm for a long time, his pal, Napoleon pertains to abhor him.

Snowball and Napoleon never agree on anything. Napoleon did not want the animals to side with Snowball, he always refuted Snowballs concepts and was never ever friendly towards him. What also went on was Napoleon, revealing his hatred for Snowball, examined the designs Snowball had produced the windmill and urinated over the plans. Napoleon showed his disgust by urinating on something that was essential to Snowball. “… looked closely at every information of the strategies … then suddenly he [Napoleon] raised his leg, urinated over the plans, and left …”( 65 ).

Obviously the action that Napoleon just devoted programs hatred for Snowball. After Snowball was gone from the farm, he ended up being a scapegoat for Napoleon. It was unexpectedly Snowballs fault that the windmill had actually collapsed. Napoleon needed a reason for it to have fallen, and who much better to blame than Snowball, that way the animals would want revenge by building a stronger one; precisely what Napoleon desired. In addition, it was revealed that Snowball had actually been sneaking onto the farm to take corn, break eggs and what not.

Whatever bad thing that occurred was immediately placed on Snowball by Napoleon. “Whenever anything failed it ended up being typical to attribute it to Snowball”( 88 ). With hardly ever any proof, Snowball was constantly the scapegoat. In conclusion, it is apparent how Snowball went through the events of Leon Trotsky’s life. From having his ideas stolen to ending up being a scapegoat, he led the life of a famous revolutionary leader, though it wasn’t a very good life, he made a huge impact on all of his associates and will never ever be forgotten.

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