Animal Farm Napoleon Analysis

Animal Farm Napoleon Analysis

Napoleon, the big Berkshire pig is shown as the villain throughout most of George Orwell’s fairy story, Animal Farm. He utilizes sparkle, propaganda and treachery to develop and keep his power on Animal Farm. After the animals of Animal Farm rebelled against Mr. Jones, their care taker, Napoleon and Snowball (another pig and Napoleons bane) immediately assumed the position of a leader. None of the other animals had a problem with this given that the two became part of the smarter animal group. Both might check out and compose and appeared to run the farm well.

Who Is Napoleon In Animal Farm

However Napoleon quickly felt threatened by Snowball’s power and set out to finish his very first act of treachery. During a debate in between the two, Napoleon discharged a squeal that signaled dogs to assault Snowball. The pets ran him off the farm never ever to be seen once again. Napoleon later heard news of other animals on the farm reaching him over the months. Napoleon then continued to carry out every one of the animals who were thought to have actually turned against him. While Napoleon kept on with his reign of fear he put another pig, Squealer in charge of keeping the other animals’ calm while Napoleon went about his harsh methods.

“Impossible!” wept Napoleon. “We have actually developed the walls far too thick for that. They might not knock it down in a week. Nerve, associates!” (8.19 )

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No matter what Napoleon did Squealer would keep advising the animals’ how bad it was when Jones was running the farm. Napoleon was letting all the power go to his head and had actually become a sort of autocrat. At the start of the story the farm had seven rules: “whatever goes upon two legs is our enemy; whatever goes upon 2 legs or has wings is our pal; no animal shall wear clothes; no animal will sleep in a bed; no animal shall drink alcohol; no animal shall eliminate any other animal; all animals are equivalent” (43 ).

“Gentlemen,” concluded Napoleon, “I will give you the very same toast as before, however in a various kind. Fill your glasses to the brim. Gentlemen, here is my toast: To the success of The Manor Farm!” (10.32 )

George Orwell, Animal Farm Napoleon Quotes

Napoleon broke all of the seven commandments and even altered the rules to fit what was best for him. The final product was: “All animals are equal however some animals are more equivalent than others” (133 ). In the end, Napoleons leadership methods were shown to be a failure. He abused his power and at the same time destroyed whatever the other animals meant.

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