Animal Farm Minor Characters

Animal Farm Minor Characters

Mikayle Vaughan October 7, 2014 George Orwell’s Animal Farm is an allegorical book of the stopped working Russian Transformation. The animals of Animal Farm live under the control of their farmer, Mr. Jones. The animals are taught to rebel against the only real enemy they have. As the unique advances, the farm falls under the control of the pigs. The occasions of the story unfold as a result of the actions of characters such as Mr. Jones, Old Major and Squealer. These results would not have been possible without the blind faith of the animals. Mr. Jones plays a bit part in cases of the story.

He is “Lord of the Animals.” He utilizes this power to oppress the other animals and belittle them. Without Mr. Jones’ extreme reign or the animals, they would not have rebelled versus him. He was inhumane, heading out and getting drunk, not feeding the animals for days. Old Major pointed this out to the other animals. It is clear that all of the evils of this life of ours spring from the tyranny of humans. The animals grew a sense of hate towards Mr. Jones. This is an example of how the viewpoint of the animals is a crucial factor of the rebellion. Without Mr.

Jones treating them so roughly, the animals would not have needed to revolt. Old Major, a reward white boar, was highly inspiring with his speeches of equality and such, “that everybody was rather prepared to lose an hours sleep to hear what he needed to state.” He created the concept of animalism by presenting the concept that “no animal must ever live in a home, sleep in a bed, use clothing, consume alcohol, smoke tobacco, touch cash or take part in trade.” Old Major blamed “male” for all their problems. These principals were used up by the majority of the animals with no arguments.

Without Old Major, the animals would not have had the inspiration and motivation to rebel. Squealer was also a boar, but unlike Old Significant, his interest was not in assisting the farm as a whole. Squealer is the go to pig of Napoleon’s dictatorship, with a fast mind, nimble tongue and definitely no morals whatsoever. Squealer reveals his real character when he justifies the reality that the pigs have actually taken the milk and apples on their own. He claims these foods “contain substances absolutely essential to the wellbeing of the pigs. We pigs are brainworkers.” Earlier n the book, when Orwell was describing the characters, Napoleon was described as a bad speaker, but always got his way. Without Squealer, there was no other way that Napoleon might have determined the animals as much as he had. Minor characters in Animal Farm considerably affected the disobedience. Without Farmer Jones, there would not have been a requirement for the disobedience, without Old Major, the animals would not have acquired the self-confidence or idea to rebel, if Squealer was not there to spread out Napoleon’s word then Snowball would have quickly taken charge. These results would not have actually been possible without the blind faith of the animals.

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