Animal Farm Final – Mr. Frederick & Adolf Hitler

Animal Farm Final– Mr. Frederick & & Adolf Hitler

The story of Animal Farm is an allegory of the Russian Revolution, and every character of the Animal Farm represents someone whose function in the Transformation whether it be Napoleon who represented Stalin or Mr. Frederick who represented Hitler (“Fulfill the Cast”). Mr. Frederick and Adolf Hitler had numerous resemblances and extremely little differences, both of these males were neither a man of their word or credible whatsoever. Although these guys were extremely horrible beings, they played a large role in their periods. In the beginning these guys did not play such a big role however as the story of their lives progressed they became key figures and affected numerous.

Mr. Frederick’s function in Animal Farm was a small however extremely important one. Mr. Frederick was the owner of the neighboring farm, Pinchfield (“Mr. Frederick”). He was a very tough, shrewd, and constantly associated with conflict such as suits (“Character Profiles”). Mr. Frederick was a harsh man, he had flogged an old horse to death, he starved his cows, he had actually eliminated a dog by tossing it into the furnace, he amused himself in the evenings by making cocks fight with splinters of razorblade tied to their spurs (Orwell, 141).

Mr. Frederick worried about concepts of the rebellion of the Animal Farm spreading to the animals of his farm so he started to spread out reports of the animals practicing such things as cannibalism, torturing one another with red-hot horseshoes, and having their women in typical (“Mr. Frederick”). Although he was not a close ally of the Animal Farm he did have tricks, such as offers he made with Napoleon (“Mr. Frederick”).

Among Mr. Frederick’s biggest relocations in the story was acquiring the wood from Napoleon, for which he spent for with bank notes. Although, Mr. Frederick turned his back on Napoleon and basically took the timber by forging the bank notes, “Frederick had actually got the wood for absolutely nothing!” (Orwell, 147). Frederick likewise combated in a war versus the Animal Farm and aided in the destroying of the windmill, which the animals dealt with for over two years (Orwell, 149-154). After these events Mr. Frederick disappeared from the story and no longer was included with any dispute of the Animal Farm.

Adolf Hitler was born in 1889, he was a very academically gifted kid but his attitude did not remain the exact same throughout his life (Simkin, Hitler was a really spiritual kid and for a while even considered the possibility of ending up being a monk (Simkin, His daddy, Alois, hoped that Adolf would follow in his footsteps and join the Austrian civil service but the idea of it appalled young Adolf (Simkin,

At the age of fifteen Hitler was told he would have repeat the whole year of school for doing so horrible on examinations however he disliked the idea and would no longer participate in school (Simkin, In 1909 Hitler was expected to sign up for the military, however he did not, he was unwilling to serve for Austria, which he despised (Simkin, Although, in the break out of the First World War Hitler quickly signed up with the German military due to the fact that he wanted to prove that the country of Germany was superior to all other countries (Simkin, After several years Hitler ended up being really politically involved and favored (Simkin,

In the future in his life he became chancellor of Germany and eventually came to complete power over the country (Simkin, Adolf Hitler made numerous deals with many countries including the deal called the Nazi-Soviet Non Aggressiveness Pact, which was made with the Soviet Union (Simkin, The Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact mentioned that in the war that was soon to be, an inevitable war, the Soviet Union would remain neutral by not interfering with Germany or other countries as they battled (“German Soviet Pact”). The pact likewise consisted of a Secret Protocol in which Germany provided the Soviet Union the Baltic States, for agreeing not to sign up with the possible future war (Rosenberg,

One of Hitler’s main intents of this pact was to prevent a repeat of the First World War, in which Germany was divided in order to combat a two front war, the pact enabled Germany to remain calm without the worry of another two front war (Rosenberg, Hitler soon provoked the Second World War when he invaded Poland in 1939, and real to the pact the Soviets stayed neutral and did not intervene (Rosenberg, Although the Soviets remained true to their agreement of the pact, Germany did not (“German Soviet Pact”). Hitler went back on his word and not even 2 years after the pact was signed, which was expected to stay for ten years, he attacked the Soviet Union (“German Soviet Pact”). This proved that Adolf Hitler was an untrustworthy and overall horrible person.

Mr. Frederick and Adolf Hitler were very alike because they both seemed to have excellent intents when in reality they were both useless beings. Both Frederick and Hitler were extremely cunning and unreliable because they both went back on their word. In Mr. Frederick’s case he went back on his word by essentially stealing the wood with the forged bank notes (“Mr. Frederick”). Adolf Hitler did something very comparable to Mr. Frederick’s betrayal, when he went against the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact and attacked the Soviet Union (Rosenberg, Mr. Frederick and Adolf Hitler were both extremely vicious males, they did lots of similar things to abuse animals or human beings.

Mr. Frederick did things like flogging horses to death, he starved his animals, he eliminated a canine by tossing it into a heater, and he even amused himself in the evenings by making dicks combat with splinters of razorblade connected to their stimulates (Orwell, 141.) Hitler did comparable things to this like starving of the Jewish individuals, and he utilized the Euthanasia program which was the Nazi’s first program of mass murder (“Euthanasia Program”). Likewise, Mr. Frederick helped in the war versus the Animal Farm and helped to damage the windmill, which took the animals two years to develop (Orwell, 149-154). Adolf Hitler began the 2nd World War, which was the bloodiest dispute in history, the German Army attacked numerous countries and ruined many (Rosenberg,

In the end both Mr. Frederick and Adolf Hitler disappeared from their worlds, both fictional and non-fictional worlds. Mr. Frederick disappeared from the story of Animal Farm in that he was no longer invovled in conflict with the farm and no longer mentioned by the animals (“Mr. Frederick”). Adolf Hitler disappeared from the world when he devoted suicide in 1945 with his wife, Eva Braun, which he wed just a day prior to their death (Rosenberg,

Hitler dedicated suicide because he understood he was going to pass away quickly either way, the German Army was being pressed back and they were going to lose the war anytime soon (Rosenberg, Although the reason for his death was not certain, it is not exactly sure whether he swallowed tablets which contained cyanide or shot himself, but something made sure and it was that he was dead (Simkin, These two males were gone, which relieved the minds of numerous however did not make their lives any less hard.

Mr. Frederick proved to be quite like Adolf Hitler because he double-crossed Napoleon and Hitler betrayed Stalin and the whole Soviet Union (Orwell, Animal Farm & & Simkin, They both played huge roles in their worlds, whether it was Frederick’s ruining of the windmill and war against the Farm or Hitler’s provoking of WWII by invading Poland and going against the Non-Aggression Pact made with Soviet Russia (“Mr. Frederick” & & Simkin,

. These 2 men had many, lots of similarities and extremely little distinctions due to the fact that they were both terrible and useless beings. From the beginning these males were not viewed as much of a hazard, simply as another person Mr. Frederick just another farmer and Adolf Hitler just another political leader (“Mr. Frederick” & & Simkin, These two characters were simply a mere example of the allegorical story of the Animal Farm, even though they may have had a bit part, at the very same time their functions were large in many ways.

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