Animal farm equality

Animal farm equality

!.?.!? Animal Farm Essay Eshik Rahman second Duration Honors English 10 Fall 2013 The novel being discussed is called “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. He is an English novelist, author, journalist and critic. His work is well known around the globe for his, awareness of Social Oppression, opposition to Totalitarianism, and his commitment to Democratic Socialism. The book “Animal Farm” reflects the occasions that take place in real life, which leads up to the Russian Transformation of 1917. This novel is about animals tossing over the human beings and ruling themselves.

Napoleon and Boxer are good examples of a Leader and Fan. Napoleon is a manipulative and power Starving leader who removes the animal’s rights while his fan Boxer is tough working and a real follower of his leader however at the end his valuable life is lost from exhausting. The leader selected to be gone over is Napoleon and according to the novel Napoleon is doing a great task but his manipulative methods is destroying the equality in the Animal Farm. He raised Jesse and Bluebells pups into vicious guard dog which will help him keep power over the other animals in the farm.

An example of destroying the equality in the farm is when he trades with the humans when it plainly stated in the commandments that no animal shall ever trade with any human. Moreover, according to Orwell another Rule said that “No animal will kill another animal” (Page 17), however Napoleon altered that to “No animal shall eliminate another animal with no cause.” These modifications that he makes to the Commandments plainly prove that Napoleon is taking the animals equality rights away. The fan selected to be gone over is Fighter and according to the novel Boxer is the animal that works the hardest in the farm.

His slogan is “I will work harder,” and he is the animal that contributes the most to all the success of the farm. He does never for even a 2nd understand that he is being deprived of his equality by Napoleon because he constantly believes that Napoleon is their leader and that he will never ever be incorrect. Towards the end of the unique his lungs give up from working too tough and all the other animals view helplessly as he is sent out to his death. Fighter never recognizes that his liberty is being taken away and his beliefs influence everyone else that Boxer is right and they never recognize the truth.

In conclusion, the power greedy leader Napoleon still rules the Animal farm with more revised commandments which remove the animal’s freedom and equality rights. According to the novel Boxer’s innocent soul is up in heaven and the Animal Farm is in fact in even worse condition than it was when Mr. Jones was their master. Napoleon and his so called commanders gained a lot power over the working animals that they began to abuse it and the cause to overthrow the human beings and rule themselves really is for nothing because there is one leader who ruled over everyone and took their freedom from them.

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