Animal Farm Context Essay: Freedom

Animal Farm Context Essay: Freedom

Statement of Objective: This is an expository piece in which I will be describing parts of animal farm which are linked to the context of freedom which is widely and completely laid out in the book. This piece is targeted to trainees who are in Year 10, which have actually likewise been studying Animal Farm so they can relate their own viewpoints to mine. The language is rather formal. Whereas the piece explores ideas of liberty not only from animal farm but also the basic principle of what liberty truly is, and a recent example of how a young girl was rejected her flexibility and when she stood up for it she was almost eliminated.

The goal of this piece it to demonstrate how flexibility is still not readily available to everyone in the exact same way, in history after the Russian Revolution (which the novel is based upon) and even in our contemporary society t is still an issue. What truly implies by the word freedom? Flexibility is ‘the power or right to act, speak or think as one desires without obstacle or restraint’ along with the ‘absence of subjection to foreign supremacy or despotic federal government’ this is the first thing that turns up after the word ‘what is freedom’ are type into Google search.

Freedom is revealed throughout animal farm a concept of a world without any humans was introduced by a pig names Old Major. He wanted the animals to take over, and all live similarly amongst themselves. This then causes a transformation; the animals do this to make a much better life on their own then the one they were living under Mr Jones’ power as they are dominated by the human beings who reveal them no respect even after all their large contribution that makes Mr Jones’ farm run smoothly. The unjust method they are dealt with causes a revolution in which the animals rebel versus the human beings.

The animals attempt to live in a democratic way so that all the animals are dealt with similarly up until a pig named Napoleon takes control of and turns his power into a dictatorship. Napoleon offers the animal’s false hope by informing them believable lies. So throughout the story the morals which the animals defended, such as equality and liberty, begin to disappear as gradually they lose their rights as well as their liberty. The equal, perfect world the animals wanted and dreamed about becomes worse than before when it was run under the power of the Jones’.

All the animals desired were what they were assured by their selfish and brainwashing ‘leader’ Napoleon. The animals desired an equal share of power and authority however Napoleon wanted everyone to be under his power and he acquired this by pressing the animals till they might not anymore, such as when it comes to Fighter, and utilizing as much force and manipulation that was needed. Napoleon made the animals believe that he was in power because he knew what was finest for the animals as well as the farm.

He required them into thinking that he was a strong leader who would make the very best choices possible. Gradually Napoleon removes any chances that the animals have to speak up. He does this by first of all making 9 threatening dogs apart of his entourage. Right after he eliminates Sunday conferences and informs the animals he has whatever in control which the time utilized in the conferences would be more effectively used if they worked rather but he really simply wishes to do this so that the ballot procedure would be finished and all the choices would be left to Napoleon.

From the way in which Napoleon acts it is obvious he does not care for the well-being of the animals, he just cares about himself and gaining complete authority and power of the farm. This is especially shown when he starts doing business with people just to make more money, which goes against everything that Old Major and the other animals represented. By having Napoleon in power the animals are decreased of their flexibility.

Though Animal Farm is based upon the Russian revolution which happened a very long time back, flexibility is still rejected in many locations such as recently when a 15 years of age woman in Afghanistan who is of Pakistani descent, was shot in the head by the Taliban as she was spotted coming back house from school though she has survived and has simply started to recuperate nevertheless the Taliban have spoken out and said that they will target her once again if she endured.

This girl was targeted just due to the fact that she wanted to gain an education and had a thirst to find out with admiring individuals such as Barack Obama Freedom means different things to different people, the way in which they can express themselves in a totally free society where they will not be evaluated or denied this freedom such as in Animal Farm where the animals are denied their freedom by Napoleon just like 15 year old Malala Yousufzai who was denied the liberty to discover by the Taliban, this simply shows that flexibility is still a concern today in our contemporary society.

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