Animal Farm – Chapter 4

Animal Farm– Chapter 4

Who was sent to tell the story of the disobedience?
Flights of pigeons.
What 2 farms were next to Animal Farm?
Foxwood and Pinchfield
What time of year did the first fight happen?
Early October
What book did Snowball research study in preparing the farm’s defenses?
An old book of Julius Caesar’s projects
Who was eliminated?
A sheep
What animal was injured?
Which one of the human beings was hurt?
Stable lad from Foxwood Farm
What two military decorations were produced?
Metals that said, “Animal Hero, First class and the other one stating “Animal Hero, Second class.
What did the battle ended up being called?
“The battle of he Cowshed” since that’s where the ambush had actually been sprung.
What was set up at the foot of the flagstaff?
The weapon
What took place to Mr. Jones after the Rebellion?
Spent most of his time being in the taproom at the Red Lion in Willingdon.
Compare and contrast the 2 farms, Foxwood and Pinchfield and their owners.

Foxwood: big and disregarded, it’s owner Mr. Pilkington was easy going.

Pinchfield: smaller sized and better kept, and it’s owner Mr. Fredrick was difficult and wise.

How do the animals win the Fight of the Cowshed? Provide specific examples.


1. Snowball introduced very first attack

2. All 35 pigeons flew to and fro over males’s heads and dropped their dung

3. Geese pecked at the guys’s calves and men drove them off with their sticks.

4. Muriel, Benjamin and all the sheep rush foward and prodded and butted the men from every side, Benjamin turned round and lashed with his small hoofs, guys pushed them away with boots and sticks, a screech from Snowball as a signal of retreat.

5. 3 cows, rest of pigs, went to cut them off

6. Jones shoots Snowball in the back the sheep drop dead

7. Jones flung into a stack of dung

8. Fighter rears up and kicks steady boy

9. Cat participates in and claws the cowman.

10. Men make a bolt for main roadway.

Describe how the surrounding individuals view Animal Farm?
Frightened by the rebellion and nervous to avoid their own animals from doing it.
Vocabulary: Tractable
easy to control or influence
deserving or causing public disgrace or embarassment.
done without being planned, arranged or rehearsed.
living as a parasite, feeding of another.
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