Animal Farm: an Animals Rebelling Against Their Owner

Animal Farm: an Animals Rebelling Against Their Owner

Animal Farm Summary Animal Farm was a novel composed by George Orwell. Animal farm had to do with animals rebelling versus their owner, Mr. Jones. This book is based upon the Russian Revolution. Each animal in Animal Farm was a person in the Russian Revolution. There was excellent and bad in the animals. The animals revolted due to the fact that of the way Mr. Jones was treating them. The animals lastly took a stand. In the start of the book, a boar, called Old Major, went to the other animals and informed them that they were being treated extremely unfairly.

He informed them that the reason that they were unhappy is since of all humans. If they took control of the farm, they would be much better because Old Major thinks whatever is the humans fault. The animals in this book were much manipulated. The pigs are the most intelligent out of all the animals. The pigs were the teachers on the farm. Once Old Significant passes away, two pigs begin teaching Old Major’s ideas and thoughts. The pigs’ names were Napoleon and Snowball. These pigs make a system which is called Animalism. A few months later, Mr. Jones get’s very drunk and he forgets to feed the animals.

The animals are so hungry, that they choose to rebel versus Mr. Jones since he is not treating them right. The animals run all of the human beings out of the farm. Then, they alter the name from Manor Farm to Animal Farm to reveal that they supervise. The next thing that the animals do is make The Seven Rules. They hang this up on the wall of the barn. The Seven commandments were whatever goes upon 2 legs is an enemy. Whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a good friend. No animal will use clothing. No animal shall oversleep a bed. No animal will wear clothes.

No animal will sleep in a bed. No animal shall consume alcohol. No animal will kill any other animal and all animals are equivalent. All of the animals needed to follow all of these commandments. Snowball and Napoleon start to argue about intend on the farm. The greatest battle that they had was over a windmill. Snowball wishes to develop the windmill to offer the farm with electric power. Napoleon really does not like this concept, so he calls 9 dogs who he has actually trained to chase Snowball out of Animal Farm. Squealer is a really convincing pig who is on Napoleon’s side.

He talks the other animals that Snowball is a traitor and Napoleon is the good leader. The animals work very tough on the farm but the work on the windmill is going really slow. The animals rely primarily on Boxer because he is really strong. Napoleon starts to trade with other farms and the pigs start to sleep in beds which were against The 7 Commandments. In the winter, there is very little food so the animals do not have a lot of strength. Even though Snowball is not on the farm, Napoleon blames Snowball for everything that goes wrong on the farm.

Then Napoleon’s pets attacks four pigs who admit to being on Snowball’s side. Other animals confess and are attacked by Napoleon’s pets and leave the other survivors extremely afraid. The windmill is finally done it requires money to purchase equipment for the windmill. Napoleon decides to offer a stack of timber. He has two options to sell the wood to Fredrick or Pilkington who were the 2 farmers he was trading with. He offers the lumber to Fredrick. Fredrick and his guys come onto Animal Farm and blow up the windmill. The animals have the ability to run Fredrick and his men off of the farm.

A few days later, the pigs discover some alcohol and get drunk which protested The Seven Commandments. At the end of the book, Fighter passes away in the health center and the pigs find more cash to buy more bourbon. The pigs start strolling on 2 legs and none of the commandments are left on the wall. The animals are not acting like animals. They are acting like humans. In the start of the book, they were speaking about how whatever is the all of people fault but at the end of the book they are acting similar to humans.

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