Analysis of Language, Rhetoric, and Politics in George Orwell’s 1984 Essay

This statement coming from the novel entitled Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell includes different meanings depending on its context and rationality. The expression “war is peace” can be specify as a forecast or conclusion that peace is always a result of war. When there is war, there would be peace, which is not constantly true depends upon the circumstance. The expression “flexibility is slavery” can be stated that even if you are totally free, there are influences, effects, and factors that would continue the act of slavery and individuals would still suffer from these cases.

Since when we state freedom, there would be a kind of governance and democracy however as long as authority exists, slavery would still enter into liberty. The expression “lack of knowledge is strength” can be true sometimes. If you are ignorant, you are more capable of acting without losing anything since you do not know something. Lack of knowledge can be stated as an escape to do whatever without understanding anything– simply to be totally free.

Nevertheless, why do these expressions were stated if they could really say what is true and right without any vague, ambiguous, and doublespeak words or languages.

Use of languages can be vague and ambiguous depending upon the person who utilized it, on the context he is relating with, individuals he is speaking to and the meaning of those words itself. Frequently, we use words that are light but important in order to make our audience or the person we are talking with will be less burdened by the whole situation. We use fuzzy, confusing and light words to exemplify the meaning of what we require to say in accordance to their feelings. Among the useful or most basic examples is the words or languages in company.

A corporation requires to reduce its employees due to business problems, however instead of using sincere words– they made use of technical words in order to make their workers comprehend the situations (not the genuine reason) without any tough sensations or at least minimal objection coming from the workers. One business denied it was laying off 500 individuals. “We do not characterize it as a layoff,” stated the corporate spin medical professional.

“We’re managing our personnel resources. Often you handle them up, and sometimes you manage them down. Firing workers is such industry that there are companies whose company is helping other business fire employees by offering “termination and outplacement consulting” for corporations involved in “reduction activities.” However do not worry, if you’re “handled down,” the “Outplacement Consultant” will help you with “re-employment engineering.” (Lutz, 1996) Due to the fact that of these situations, individuals became clueless instead of being educated that are really needed in every aspect of human life.

In order to become efficient, we need to be sophisticated by the fact that we need to understand things that are connected to our jobs, sociological interaction, or perhaps individual maters. However, there are circumstances when these elements of understanding and education might not be acquired due to the fact that individuals behind those disputes and issues are collared by their actions. Therefore, it is a type of stealing– taking our learning, understanding, and privilege to recognize sensitive matters. That is why individuals having these concerns are playing-safe to acquire less refusal or disputes in the future but the repercussions will be more problematic.

Then, a concern will rise towards these problems as it become more active during these times. The question will be what are the premises of these individuals to state ambiguous, unclear, and doublespeak that are more conflicting rather than honest thoughts? I guess, the reason these things occurred is that people are naturally liar in various kinds and grounds as also based upon the short article of Stephanie Ericsson entitled, The Ways We Lie. Why do they need to do these? It is because they require to force individuals that there is no issue or everything is all right to degree of lying simply to make things much better.

We lie. We all do. We minimize, we prevent fight, we spare people’s feelings, we easily forget, we conceal, we justify lying to the big- guy circumstances. (Ericsson, 1992) This statement reveals that we all lie in various situations especially when it is required or often we utilized words that are less offending to minimize the response of our audience or who we are talking with. In this case, as connected to the expressions above, usage of doublespeak, vague, or ambiguous words are already part of our sociological interaction.

We are doing this in order to make individuals less unbiased to the whole situation. However, we can not reject the truth that it will quickly emerged into a conflicting problems that needs to be done in accordance to the law. Originating from the novel Nineteen Eighty-four by Orwell the statement “robbing its residents of their capability for crucial thought and sensible, authentic self-expression” is true not only from the past but likewise in today and will still exists in the future. It is a fear we too, in our modern-day society, need to share, or argue that his fear is overstated or even unproven.

Because of the cases that were discussed above, people might not have the ability to express themselves since hello are becoming oblivious to what is true and right. I can say that it is much better to recognize the fact despite of the failure that it may trigger rather than doing some actions and hoping that there would be a brighter future but in fact, there would be no solution to the problem is more unpleasant. Our political, social, financial, and even individual aspects of living have plenty of doublespeak words and languages. This is due to the fact that we are not constantly available to reality and reality for we do not want to be declined, obliged, and failure.

Frequently, we keep concealing from our blankets to get away from the certainty of whatever. That is why, in order to minimize these cases, individuals are already doing lesser projections to decrease unreasonable sensations that might trigger tension and despair. Nevertheless, does political element requires these cases to amplify the burdens of the future. Rationally, we know that political cases and aspects ought to be honest when it comes to its decision, preferences, and issues because its people are the main affected from all of it.

However, this is not the circumstance today. There are some circumstances or perhaps nearly bothersome scenarios that are concealed from the knowledge of individuals for it will bring awful dispute to the nation. If the federal government could not manage the scenario and individuals learnt about it, the president or the leader will explain but it will use doublespeak words or languages to make the people more comfy and to minimize their shock, but up to what degree? Things like these taken place after the September 11, 2001 attack in New York.

The president claim that the country is already safe from terror attacks but he did not state any problem after the horror attack. He utilized doublespeak words to make its individuals less frightened from the entire scenario however he did not say anything about the helpless cases and problem within the white home that the terrorists currently alerted them however they did not take note of it. In this case, they did not want to be blamed so they made some segues and concentrated on the future having no further validations of the past and today.

In our time, it is broadly true that political writing is bad writing. Where it is not real, it will typically be discovered that the author is some sort of rebel, revealing his private viewpoints and not a “celebration line.” Orthodoxy, of whatever color, seems to demand a lifeless, imitative style. The political dialects to be discovered in handouts, leading posts, manifestoes, White papers and the speeches of undersecretaries do, obviously, vary from celebration to party, but they are all alike because one nearly never finds in them a fresh, brilliant, homemade turn of speech.

As an entire, Orwell’s book is a discovery of the past scenarios that still exists today. Language is not an issue however individuals who used the language based on their intents and desire. If they choose not to be obliged and accountable to the problem, they will use doublespeak words, however if we think of it, who will be accountable for all of those issues if no one is honest about everything? Is it the future generation, or our ancestors?

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