Alternate Ending – Of Mice and Men

It was an appealing weather condition of calm and peaceful on a dark starry night. The fathomless pool of the Salinas river laid still in the blissful night. The sun was long gone by now, what was the top of mountains that was as red as a rose was now jet black. Lennie dropped towards the rivers cool edge and knelt. He dipped his large hands low in the water, being successful in retrieving a satisfying amount. Swiftly he turned, to the bushes and then to the other side, inspecting every three minutes approximately for anybody approaching in the range. Pleased, he set like a huge baby by the river’s edge, with his legs drawn to his chest. His head jerked up all of a sudden at the noise of a breaking branch and he slowly turned his head and breathed in greatly. When he saw George approaching, Lennie breathed out and crawled to his feet. “George!” he exclaimed. Lennie tackled him in a massive bear hug and they both e to the ground in addition to their bindles that George had actually been carrying. George took a look at Lennie, but couldn’t return Lennie’s joyful smile and instead provided him a sad among his own. Lennie’s face drooped and tears started forming in his eyes.”George?” Lennie looked at him. “Yeah?”

“I understand what you are going to say, George.” he whispered, his eyes shimmering. “I understand what you are going to state.” George moved on the bed of bush. “Well, what am I gon na state?” Lennie shivered- “You are going to say I made trouble once again and that I can’t tend no rabbits. But I’m so sorry George, I didn’t indicate to.” He began to shudder then, with his monstrous shoulders shaking backward and forward in huge unstable motions. George scooted over and gently put his arm on his back. “It’s alright.” He patted his back. “Its fine, Lennie.” Lennie bawled into his t-shirt, “I never ever indicated to do any harm, George. I swear it, by the Lord Almighty. It was her soft, luscious hair, and it was so pretty.” he wept louder, “and all I wanted to do was touch it, over and over once again, George. I swear I didn’t imply to do any damage. I simply wished to feel it, that’s all.” His face fell hard and he sobbed once again. Lennie continued sobbing and George sat there and let him sob on his shoulder. He remained like this silently for a minute, and after that turned to face Lennie. “Lennie?” He glanced down. “Lennie, you got to look at me, Lennie, and let me see if you’re fine.” He gently pressed Lennie’s head away till he might see his tear stained face. Lennie sniffled and took a look at George. “Are you mad at me George?” “Of course I’m not mad at you.” He stated with a little smile. “I’m not mad at you all.” He looked around. “You kept in mind to come back.

“Lennie’s face lightened up as he cleaned his nose. “That’s right, by God. I did. Aren’t you happy with me George?” He smiled and absorbed his environments. “I did it.” he whispered to himself.

“That’s right, you did.” George smiled. “That’s real incredible, Lennie. I’m truly pleased with you.” “Who are they?” George relied on where he was facing, but only saw a huge sized shrub blocking his view. “What is it Lennie?” Lennie extended his finger to the area about 5 yards in front of them. “There.” Simultaneously, a mob of ranchers swarmed at the 2 males. Slim went back and viewed with an unfortunate look as two cattle ranch hands grabbed Lennie and quickly pinned him to the ground. Lennie roared and immediately tossed them off, but Curley was prepared. He whipped him with a handgun on his head, and Lennie fell. Then, they all pulled him up and held him down to keep him from running away. Lennie was bleeding from the front of his temple where he had actually been hit. “You great big boy of a bitch, you’ve got no idea how fortunate you are. My pa does not want you killed. But by God, I swear, you will feel my hatred for everything you have actually done to me.” With that stated, he punched Lennie in the gut, hard. Lennie fell over, with the two males hardly holding him. “Take him away boys!”, Curley roared. The two guys dragged Lennie away into the night. Curley followed soon after. George was still there, staring at where his one companion when was. Something inside had actually been broken.

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