Achebe’s view of the missionaries in “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe.

Achebe’s view of the missionaries in “Things Break Down” by Chinua Achebe.Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, is a story about a Nigerian Igbo people forced to withstand, and deal with European Christians. These Europeans were colonizing Africa with the intents of setting up Christian missionaries. While their intents were authentic, their existence was ravaging to the Ibo culture. Achebe did not like how the Europeans and the Igbo individuals engaged with each other. The European missionaries saw their religion as exceptional to the Igbo faith due to the fact that there was never ever an effort made by them to comprehend the Ibo faith. The missionaries’ goal was to come to Nigeria and take control of the Igbo society.

In order for them to do this, they needed to win the people over and for them to do that; they transformed the Igbo individuals to Christianity. Achebe did not agree with the missionaries and in his story, he attempted to get the reader to highlight with the Igbo culture. In the story, he describes every factor and purpose for each action the Igbo individuals did. He spoke about their celebrations and their traditions. He even utilized words like obi and egwugwu as a way to connect the reader with the Igbo language. Achebe disliked what the missionaries did and how they attempted to colonize his individuals.

I think the story of a man who killed a messenger and hanged himself makes a fascinating reading. The death of Okonkwo is symbolic and Achebe ends the story like this to reveal the reader how the Europeans viewed the Igbo people. Okonkwo killed himself because the Christian missionaries did not understand their faith and all they wanted to do was to separate their religious meetings and convert people to Christianity. Achebe felt like if the Christian missionaries discovered the Igbo individuals, they might have understood everything that was performed in the Igbo culture was done for the well being of the people.

For example, when the Ibo tribe threw away twins and mutilated baby bodies, it was for religious purposes. The missionaries took this as being ruthless and savage instead of what it really was. The Christian missionaries did not know that the Igbo individuals saw twins as wicked which was the reason they killed them. Achebe did not like the damage the missionaries did to the Igbo individuals. The Christian missionaries were unaware to the danager they had caused the Igbo people. The Igbo individuals were divided up by the co-existing of two religions.

No tribe members would have attempted to kill another tribe member because they saw themselves as siblings. When they were divided up by faith, by the Europeans, they began to combat among each other. Achebe did not like the missionaries since they divided his individuals and they changed the whole Igbo society system. They only used faith to win over the minds of individuals and to colonize their nation. This is true because when I check out the book, I saw that the missionaries were managing the court system. They did trials for the people of Umuofia for their criminal offenses.

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