A Tale of Two Cities: Test Quotes – Match with Speaker

A Tale of 2 Cities: Test Estimates– Match with Speaker

Dr. Manette
“My dear friend, I have a charmed life in this city. There is no patriot would touch me, except to overwhelm me with embraces.”
Monsieur Ernest Defarge
“I will not do anything for you. My responsibility is to my country and the people. I am the servant of both, against you. I will not do anything for you.”
The Woodcutter
“Bathroom, Bathroom, Bathroom, Loo, Bathroom! And off her head comes! Now a child. Tickle, tickle; Pickle, pickle! And off its head comes. All the household!”
Jacques Three
“He would count as one head. We really have not heads enough; it would be a pity, I believe.”
Madame Defarge
“The Evremonde people are to be exterminated, and the wife and the child should follow the other half and dad.”
Miss Pross
“You might, from your appearance, be the spouse of Lucifer. Nevertheless, you will not overcome me.”
The Peasant Sibling
“Marquis,’ in the days when all these things are to be answered for, I summon you and yours, to the last of your bad race, to address for them.”
The Marquis
“Your reputation is high, and, as a boy with your fortune to make, you are probably conscious of your interest. The important things that you see here, are things seen, and not spoken of.”
Jerry Cruncher
“I inform you that you buried paving-stones and earth in that there coffin.”
Sydney Carton
“And certainly, now I think again, I have a strong impression that I have another good card here, not yet identified.”
John Barsad
“I am not amazed; I knew you were here; I understand of most people who are here. If you do not want to threaten my presence- which I half think you do- go your own method as soon as possible, and let me go my own.”
Miss Pross
“Well my sweet, the long and the except it is, that I am a topic of his Most Gracious Majesty King George the Third.”
Sydney Carton
“Let the Medical professional play the gaining video game; I will play the losing one.”
The Vengeance
“Bad Fortune! And here are the tumbrils! And Evremonde will be dispatched in a wink, and she not here … Therese!”
The Seamstress
“However for you, dear complete stranger, I must not be so made up, for I am naturally a poor little thing, faint of heart.”
Jarvis Truck
“My mind misgives me much that you have utilized the decent and terrific house of Tellson’s as a blind.”
Charles Darnay
“I am not to be buried there, prejudiced, and without any means of presenting my case?”
Sydney Container
“Have no worry! I shall quickly be out of the method of hurting you, and the rest will soon be far from here, please God! Now get help and take me to the coach.”
Madame Defarge
“Woman imbecile and pig-like! I take no response from you. I demand to see her.”
Sydney Container
“Keep your eyes upon me, dear child, and mind no other object.”
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