A Tale of Two Cities: Short Summary

A Tale of Two Cities: Brief Summary

Charles Letessier 3e 3 Character Arc Sydney carton is a dynamic character in Charles dickens’ novel A Tale of 2 Cities. Sydney a container in addition to Charles Darnay are driven by true love. The force of love pushed Sydney Throughout the whole novel and eventually eliminating him. Sydney is introduced as a drunk and a man who has low self esteem with bad judgment of himself, (I am a dissatisfied drudge. I take care of no man on earth, and no guy in the world looks after me.) We see his genuine character at the end of the book.

Sydney Container is represented as the supreme hero. Sydney carton has throughout the book a pessimistic view of thing and an unfavorable concept of what the world is. Sydney is an amazing layer, however he is a lazy and alcoholic. Sydney container thinks that his life is extreme waste. He is a melancholic and disappointed guy. Towards the middle of the novel Sydney container make an amazing modification and a big leap. He reveals his love for Lucie Manette. He tells Lucie that he would do anything for her. e is ready to make a change for her. “for any dear to you, I would do anything. I would embrace any sacrifice for you and for those dear to you. And when you see your own bright charm emerging once again at your feet, think from time to time that there is a male who would give his life, to keep a life you like beside you.” This foreshadows completion of the book. Lucie is the only one that thinks in Sydney and tells him that his life has significance and purpose. The pledge he made to Lucie eventually took his life.

In the end of the novel the guillotine kills him. In a manner the for the better great and for his fellow Charles Darnay. His death is considerable since he died for the lady he enjoyed and that made his life a bit more substantial he states a verse from the bible “I am the resurrection and then life, saith the Lord; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet will never ever pass away; and whosoever liveth and believeth in me, will never pass away.” This quote assists him trough the execution and since his tune.

Sydney container gains respect, and creates his love with lucie by giving up his life for her happiness. Sydney container get executioned with the comfort of understanding he is doing it for lucie the woman he love. He is I method the true hero of the novel. Sydney container sacrifices his life for Lucie Manette the lady he has always liked, and the woman who kept him going and informed him his life had significance. Sydney container turned his life around and turned himself into a real hero. By carrying out these acts he has ended up being the most popular character in A Tale Of 2 Cities by Charles Dickens

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