A Tale of Two Cities: Lucie Manette Character Analysis

A Tale of 2 Cities: Lucie Manette Character Analysis

Entitled “golden thread” in A Tale of Two Cities, Lucie Manette represented commitment, empathy, and resurrection. She was depicted by Charles Dickens as the epitomic, ideal lady, “a pretty figure, an amount of golden hair,” with “a set of blue eyes.” In addition, Lucie was defined as polite, loyal, timid, and caring.

For instance, Lucie’s love was the only thing that kept Dr. Manette from reverting back to his previous unpleasant self and was referred to as “the golden thread that unified him to a Past beyond misery. The golden thread represented Lucie’s behavior and sinewy assistance for others. Lucie is extremely taciturn and does not talk frequently.

Nevertheless, her discussion always involves the well-being of others in a caring nature. For example, when she fulfills her daddy for the very first time, she urges him to remember who he is. Also, when Sydney Container confesses his love to Lucie and regrets about his life, Lucie attempts to reduce Container’s regret and uses her assistance. Lucie’s actions defined her thoughtful nature.

For instance, when Dr. Manette was recovering, Lucie cradled her dad’s head on her chest, comforting him when he was feckless. When he fell back into his shoemaker phase, Lucie stayed up with him night after night. She even revealed compassion for the desolate Sydney Container and eventually allowed him to end up being a part of her family. Lucie even shows commitment when she stood beyond Charles’ jail window everyday for over a year simply to minimize his loneliness.

Everybody praised Lucie for her empathy and compassion, but sometimes concerned her as a child. For instance, when Charles went to Paris, he did not notify her. Likewise, because Dr. Manette liked her, he sheltered her from harm and spent many hours working at the prisons to save Charles, who was persistently caring and loyal towards Lucie. However, Madame DeFarge hated Lucie since of the misbehaviour Charles’s family had done to her sis. In the end, Sydney Carton sacrificed his life for Charles since of his unrelenting love for gentle

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