A Tale of Two Cities – First Chapter Analysis

A Tale of 2 Cities– First Chapter Analysis

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”, this is the opening sentence of “A Tale of 2 Cities” of Charles Dickens and it refers to the time of the Reign of terror, this is a well recognized sentence that is indicated to begin the description of the period and this task has to do with the description of the settings in which the following stories consisted of in the book will occur, there is more than one setting in the story (London and Paris), however along the story we will see the contrast and similarities of this settings.

chapter 1 The Duration. 1. Sequential setting of the chapter.

The chronological setting of the chapter is the year 1775, a couple of years prior to the Reign of terror, this amount of time might be considered the time when the aspects causing the French Revolution began to emerge, by that time France was ruled by Louis XVI, who later was executed for treason, and England was ruled by George III.

Describe how the severity of social conditions in England and France is.

Throughout that time the social conditions in England and France were extreme and the difference in between the upper and lower classes was fantastic, in England there were many break-ins every day and while the Royalty remained effective people in the cities suffered.

How the writer spoofed the Nature of English Traditions.

We can see how the writer satirizes the nature of English customs by the way it criticizes the lack of a legal system, about England it is told that while the King and Queen stand powerful in their mighty thrones, there is hardly order in the city, while in Paris a youth is tortured for not kneeling when a procession of monks was passing by, in London hundreds of criminal activities were committed daily, there was a disturbing lack of order and regard for the law, and you couldn’t head out to the city unarmed, at that time England was thought about one of the best, if not the best, country of the world, however it suffered of fantastic domestic problems worrying the quality of life of the people but the greater classes didn’t did anything for them.

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