A Tale of Two Cities Character Analysis: Lucie Manette

A Tale of Two Cities Character Analysis: Lucie Manette

A Tale of 2 Cities Characters Analysis: Lucie Manette A Tale of Two Cities includes a message of resurrection and love. A crucial character in the book is Lucie Manette, a French lady who resides in England. She is married to Charles Darnay, who is likewise French and also lives in England. Lucie nursed her father, Physician Alexander Manette, back to health after he spent 18 years in jail in France. Lucie is a static and stereotypical character. Lucie can be referred to as a flat character; she does not have depth and does disappoint strong feelings. Lucie is likewise a fixed character; she does not go through change in the course of the book.

Unlike other characters, such as Physician Manette and Sydney Carton, Lucie does not have an inner struggle that alters her. She deals with some external disputes, such as Darnay’s jail time, however these disputes do not change her. Lucie Manette is likewise a stereotypical character. She is an extremely dainty and weak young woman, often passing out or crying. Lucie is modest, polite, and stays with the guidelines. She seems to understand her location in society and never questions any of the men. Lucie is a caretaker; this is highlighted when she nurses her dad back to health.

A Tale of Two Cities Characters– Lucie Manette

She cares for those all around her, which is an advantage, but it is stereotype of females of the time period. In a way, Lucie is too ideal. She is never irritated with anybody and is always pleasant. Lucie is the polar opposite of Madame Defarge: a vicious, outspoken, rebellious leader. Last but not least, when it concerns Darnay’s conflicts and struggles, Lucie is again stereotyped. She is devoted to him while he is in prison and views the guillotine line daily. Lucie follows him from London to France and constantly stresses over him and takes care of him.

Lucie and Darnay’s marital relationship is too best; they never battle and they love each other one hundred percent of the time. In real marital relationships, spouses battle on a regular basis and there are some days when it is difficult to enjoy each other. In conclusion, Lucie Manette is a relatively flat character. She does not have intricacy and she just does not seem like a sensible person. Lucie is likewise a stereotyped character. Lucie is the ideal housewife and mother, never ending up being upset or annoyed. Finally, Lucie and Darnay have such an impractical marriage; they never combat.

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