A Tale of Two Cities – Charact

A Tale of Two Cities– Charact

In the 16th century Charles Dickens composed the unforgettable novel A Tale of Two Cities. In it he produced two of the most exceptional fictional characters of perpetuity. One is the savage Madame Defarge, and the other is the generous Sydney Carton. Madame Defarge is a peasant who looks for revenge on all aristocrats who cross her path. On the other hand, Sydney Container is a guy who wants to do anything for the love of his life. While the actions of these two characters plainly define their differences, the underlying forces that drive each character are quite comparable.

From Madame Defarge’s actions, it is clear that she is the wicked villain in the book. Even in the manner that she is physically described, she exists as “dark” and therefore she is viewed as evil. She is as evil as she is since when she was younger the D’Evremonde brothers eliminated her entire household. Now the function of her life is to obtain revenge on the D’Evremonde household and every other aristocrat. Even when told by her precious husband she has actually gone to far, she does not stop. Instead her repartee to him was, “Tell the wind and fire where to stop; not me”.

In it she evidently reveals how she will always remember what was done to her household and how the D’Evermondes are deserving of what they will receive. The actions she performs in her life demonstrate her evilness. In the novel it appears as though she is the “bad man” who is launching all the problem. It is her need for vengeance, in the book, that begins the transformation. While Dickens provides Sydney Container as an useless drunk, in contrast to Madame Defarge, he is the Christ-like honorable figure of the novel.

He appears to the readers of A Tale of Two Cities as a worthless intoxicated and a man who has actually not obtained any high social position in his life. Also, it appears as though his life has resulted to nothing. At one point he says, “I take care of no male on earth, and no guy on earth looks after me”, but that changes when he fulfills Lucie Manette. He establishes an undying juvenile-like love for her. Sydney is willing to do anything for her and informs her so in a beautiful speech he made to her. In it he specifies, “Believe from time to time that there is a male who would give up his life, to keep a life you love beside you”.

Although she does not marry him, he continues to enjoy her until the day he passes away. While preparing for if he must quit his life for her love Charles, he shows his selflessness by saying, “Let the Medical professional play the gaining video game; I will play the losing one.” What Sydney is losing is his life which is in order for Physician Manette to remain with his boy in law and for Lucie, her partner. Both males enjoy Lucie and they know she will not be the same without her spouse, so Sydney provides his life to keep a life Lucie likes beside her.

While the actions of these two characters represent good versus evil, the driving forces that drive both Madame Defarge and Sydney Container paradoxically are extremely similar. Both Defarge and Container live their lives passionately. Madame Defarge passionately commits her live to seeking revenge. She constantly knits a list of those she wishes dead in order to fulfill that wish. She even attempts to destroy the lives of individuals not on her list in order to mess up the lives of those on her list. Sydney Carton is so passionately in love with Lucie Manette and not going to quit.

He states, “It is a far, far much better thing that I do, that I have actually ever done; it is a Far, far much better rest than I have ever understood”. He is mentioning how is life has resulted to absolutely nothing so what he will now do it better than anything he has actually ever done before. Also, everything he does his for his love, who he likes so passionately. In addition to that, in his speech in which he confesses his love for her, he mentions how his love will continue till the day he dies. He states, “In the hour of my death? that my last avowal of myself was made to you”. In addition, both are really strong characters. The defend what they believe in and will not give up.

An example is Sydney Container when Lucie marries Charles Darnay. He does not end his love for her, instead, it continues on until the day he dies. An example of Madame Defarge’s strength is when she continues to search for another method to get Charles eliminated after he is released from prison and she achieves success due to that strength. A third similarity is that both characters are extremely determined and have the patience required to reach their goals. The contrast in between Sydney Container and Madame Defarge serves to develop a reoccurring style in the novel, male’s persistency to accomplish his objective.

Although Madame Defarge and Sydney Container seem to be such revers, their underlying forces are basically the exact same. With Defarge being so evil and Container so good, it is quite odd to think that they are similarly passionate, strong, and determined to reach their objectives. In reading A Tale of 2 Cities one would believe that there is absolutely nothing alike between Madame Defarge and Sydney Container, nevertheless, they both perform their lives with the very same devotion and consecration in order to meet their extremely different

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